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Tis the season

Christmas, the season of joy, food and hiding all your wobbly bits in layers and layers of jumpers, scarves, high necks, you name it. Also time for the annual tradition of frantically running around department stores, trying not to pass-out from over heating (many layers remember) whilst refraining yourself from loosing your shit with the people in front who keep walking side to side rather than in a uniform straight line so you can overtake, pick a side people! It’s all part of the festive fun.
No matter who you are, I don’t believe you haven’t experienced the doom of panic buying; a scented candle that’ll do right? Oh wait I got them that last year! What about some chocolates? Are they allergic to anything, I don’t know, maybe… What about a simple voucher? People will definitely talk.
I must admit (and I’m not one to blow my own trumpet) I’m usually pretty organised with my gifting. In fact it’s not uncommon for me to have them all wrapped at this point (mainly to take seasonal pics and share on Instagram, let’s be real). This year I may have slightly dropped the ball. I’m not ashamed to say, 2018 has not been my prime Christmas year when it comes to organisation!

The Gift of Art

When Juniqe reached out to me with the challenge of picking some of my favourite items for the Christmas season I was delighted (not because I was in panic mode, I swear).
If you haven’t heard of Juniqe, they’re a brand that specialises in bringing art into the home at an affordable price without compromising on quality (we all love a quality bargain). Art is a brilliant way to bring someone’s personality and interests into a gift, extra bonus points for both (plus I have a 20% off code below).
With hundreds of artists and prints to choose from there is something for everyone, E-VERY-ONE!

The Countdown

Let’s start with something that could be a little ‘before Christmas treat’ or just one BIG gift – the poster advent is a perfect way to bring new art into someone’s life, 24 pieces to be exact. With various categorised advents to choose from you can pick the one most suited to whom your gifting, I went for the botanical beauties. It’s a perfect gift for a new homeowner, or a homeowner who needs to up their interior game (we all know who they are). Sticking with the advent theme, how about a ‘Kinder’ filled advent…yeah I said ‘Kinder’ dreams really do come true. Why the sausage dog you may ask? Well to you I ask, why not the sausage dog?

Practical and Perfect

Mugs, I have an unhealthy obsession with mugs and I think I may breach hoarder territory when it comes to them so I’ll keep it brief. A very fun and cheap alternative to art, two of my favourite films; Fantastic Mr Fox and Willy Wonka. Does anything more need to be said, brilliant ‘secret Santa’ option. P.S – yes that is space themed wrapping paper and yes that is also available.

Interior Update

Pop art and neo 80’s seems to be all the rage at the moment (fun-fact I thought the saying was “all the range” up until last year, to be fair it make more sense), these bright cushions make for a simple nod without being overbearing. Some people aren’t as forward with their interior and like to hold back slightly so it’s a great alternative.

Gallery Update

Now for my favourite part, the wall art. Again something that’s becoming increasingly popular is ‘gallery walls’. 2018 has been the year that gallery walls took over Instagram, everyone and their aunt seems to be an art collector now and I’m here for it. This could be the starting piece to someone’s gallery wall, or simply a lovely addition. Or maybe just a piece for them to hang in their loo, either way they’ll be well impressed.
I have to be honest, when picking out the wall art I thought mainly about what I liked rather than for someone else, because let’s be real they’re all gifts for me. The New York pieces make me feel warm inside with the reminder of my amazing trip their this year (if you didn’t know I’d been to NYC then you obviously haven’t seen my Instagram account).
While the Mickey Mouse and eye inspired pieces symbol my love of Disney and weird obsession with ‘eye art’ gross name, but I have a pair of eyes tattooed on my finger for God’s sake. 1950’s style galaxy piece along with the NASA lady, are works of art I’ve loved for a long time. Especially the NASA lady, I love the contrast of the 1950’s style and the female empowerment. I’m all about that equality.

From me to you

Like I said Juniqe have been kind enough to provide me with a discount code for you all, so whether you’re getting a gift for someone our treating yourself. The code is: JACK20 – this will give you 20% off site wide. But be quick it will only last for 3 days from this post going live (the code is not affiliated).
Speak soon,
This is a paid for collaborating with Juniqe. All views and opinions are 100% honest and my own. Link are not affiliated.

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