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vessel and pods2018, the year of my many resolutions to make me and my life oh so better…how many have lasted? Let’s not talk about it.

Drink more water; one I’ve always been an advocate for. It was probably about 10 years ago I decided to switch out as much carbonated drinks as possible with god ol’ H2O. Mainly because I wanted to try and improve my skin and reduce my break-outs.

Now I’m not going to spew out all the benefits of drinking plenty of water, I’m sure we all know it’s great for you and we probably all don’t drink enough of it.

I aim to drink 3litres a day (tap or filtered) and on most part I manage it! But on occasions it’s easy to forget and let me tell you, drinking 3ltrs of water on an eve is not a good idea…if you know what I mean.

So keeping track; well I like reusable water bottles/containers, it’s nice to feel like I’m helping the planet ever so slightly. My Drinkfinity vessel is a perfect example. This little number has helped me so much lately with my water consumption.

If you don’t know, Drinkfinity are creators of low environmental impacting water vessels backed by Pepsi-co and in partnership with Water.Org and Terracycle.

The vessels are of high quality sleek designed materials (I personally love that it has a magnetic contraption for your lid to sit nicely when drinking). Their USP is that it’s not just your average water bottle, the vessel can also be used with “Pods”.

The Drinkfinity Pods contains both dry and liquid ingredients that once pushed into the vessels, pop together creating delicious (I can vouch for that) favours, with no artificial flavours and only naturally occurring sugars. The Pods also contain the added benefits of Vitamins and Minerals.

With so many flavours to choose from, I can’t actually choose a favourite flavour…well maybe White Peach Chilli.

I’m seriously obsessed with this product and the brand! I love everything they stand for, the people they support and the way they develop their materials.

You can get £10.00 off your first welcome kit with my link here: CLICK

flavoured pods push pods white peach flavour drinfinity

Have a fab day!


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