Bedroom Interior, Transformation Reveal.

Hello all,

My oh, my oh, my…how long it has been. These past few months have been slightly crazy. So the blog has had to take a bit of a side-step. A’las I am back with many new posts to come, it’s just about trying to find the time to fit in editing! But I’m determined this time.

To kick things off I am excited to reveal my brand NEW room interior! This has been such a fun project to get my hands dirty on. From picking out the paint colour to browsing endless home decor sites for the perfect accessories. It has of course taken so much longer than expected, but with this being my first interior endeavor I have learnt a lot.

Below you can see the bedroom before: a basic box bedroom with an awkward cut out from the old chimney breast with a large south-facing window.

B E F O R E   T R A N S F O R M A T I O N

As you can see the bedroom really lacked any sort of character and texture. Essentially I was working with a plain canvas, I wanted to start from scratch. The only thing that has remained throughout the renovation is the carpet. The carpet you see in the before images was only a year old, it’s probably not my number one choice of colour…but I knew I could make it work, plus after a quick clean it looked brand spanking NEW.

So are you ready for the AFTER (if you haven’t already just scrolled immediately down, like I would’ve).

A F T E R   T R A N S F O R M A T I O N

Thought Process:

When I decided to renovate this room I knew immediately I wanted it to be a dark inspired interior, with a retro nod, hues of pink colouring and gold details.

Deciding to go dark?…

I was always the one who was for ‘all white’ interiors, to a point I still am. However this past year I’ve become a big lover of the dark moody vibe. It’s often a common misconception that dark walls make the room appear a lot smaller, this can be true. However if you choose the right colour and accessories, the room can actually appear bigger. In my case I decided not to paint the wall directly opposite the window, instead just the walls surrounding. Doing this has created an illusion that there are no corners to the room because of how our eyes take in the light along with the shadow.


Being a big lover of 70’s inspired interior (I’d have an avocado bathroom suite with gold taps any-day!) I wanted to incorporate that in some way, the easiest and most statement way possible was through a wallpaper feature wall. When looking though Amara Living (a daily excursion of mine) I came across the Osborne & Little Minaret wallpaper that was just oh’so dreamy I knew I had to get it so I ordered it there and then. I am SO HAPPY with this wallpaper, the effect it gives, some may find it garish and loud but I love that about it.


When it came to picking the paint colour I knew I wanted to shop with Farrow & Ball, I’ve seen so many beautiful interiors that’ve used F&B, the finishes of the paint where just so beautiful. Picking the colour wasn’t so easy, I knew I wanted dark, but there’s so many types of dark. I considered Down Pipe No.26  – to light, Black Blue No.95 – to dark, then I finally settled on Hague Blue No.30 – a deep dark blue that pairs perfectly with gold tones and deep greens. With this building being from the 1950’s the walls weren’t suitable to paint directly onto without plastering. Instead of paying that extra cost I decided to get some high quality backing paper and painted directly onto that, the results have been fab. I actually could’ve dealt with just one coat; the coverage was so brill, but instead I decided to go for two…just incase.


When it comes to the furniture I could’ve went wild!…but unfortunately I don’t have limitless pockets of money so I had to real myself in. So where do you go when you’re short on cash but want some glorious interiors…IKEA of course! Stepping foot into an ikea warehouse is literally so enjoyable for me, I could spend hours in ikea and in-fact I do. Of course I have to pop to the café as well.

My original plan was for a 60’s style collection of furniture, we’re talking brown varnished woods with gold details. West Elm & Anthropoligie both had some perfect pieces…but they cost A LOT! eBay was also a good shout, however all the items I liked the look of were heavily damaged. So when it came to ikea I had to change my ideals slightly by going for a dark black wood with gold brass handles…don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love them and the prices.

One thing I did NOT love was the building…I fucking hate flat-pack building. Excuse my profanity, but its something I feel strongly about now.

SHOP: Bed, Side Tables, Tall Drawers, Drawers, Display Cabinet.


A big part of what makes the room what it is, are the small details. The accessories, soft furnishings, lighting, bedding etc. Everything I picked out, I picked because of my own personal taste…I love finding them quirky kitsch stand-out items.


John Lewis No.46 Lamp – £65.00 (click here)

When I laid eyes upon these concrete and brass lights I knew they’d be a perfect addition immediately. The effortless style fits in perfectly to the surrounds without taking up to much space. They may be small in design but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. The halogen bulbs release enough light to brighten the whole room, giving a beautiful soft glow from the opulent glass spheres.

The concrete and brass contrast brings an industrial element with some vintage class and sophistication.

Something I didn’t know until setting them up, they’re touch control! Erm…hello technology.

Debenhams Nicole Pendant – £40.00 (click here)

Finding a ceiling light for a low ceiling room is a pain in the arse. I didn’t actually think having any form of pendant or hanging light would look right in this room. However when I took a trip to Debenhams I was looking in their lighting department (side note: who knew Debenhams have such a good homeware selection and their sale is unreal!) and came across the Nicole pendant, simple in design with an adjustable length and at only £40.00 you can’t go wrong!

It comes in a few various colours, I went for the charcoal gun-metal because this paired perfectly with my glass cabinet and curtain pole. It’s also worth noting it can be used with dimmer settings (I have the most amazing dimmer switch).

Onda Table Light Oliver Bonas – £85.00 (click here)

I adore the unique glass and brass Onda table light from Oliver Bonas,  pairing beautifully with the Hague Blue colouring with its slight blue tinged glass. The brass is nicely incorporated with the rest of the decor. Similarly to the John Lewis side table light, the Onda brings a retro nod to the room.

The Onda gives off a lovely warm hue and can be dimmed to the desired brightness.

Pig Can Fly Neon Light eBay store – NOW £1150.00 (click here)

‘Kevin’ the flying pig (my name for him). This gem is quite possibly my favourite part about the room. As I’m sure we’ve all seen the 90’s is coming back in a big way, fashion and interior wise. Which means neon lights are becoming increasingly popular again..all I need now is a lava lamp. Possibly why Kevin has increased in price since purchasing him by £15.00 along with all the other neon lights within the store.

Kevin was the perfect fit to my colour scheme, with his pink and blue tones…when switched on he gives the room a deliciously light pink hue.

Soft furnishings…

EVE sleep (click here)

Okay hold the phone…I have and EVE sleep mattress! WHAT? I’ve been dreaming (pardon the pun) about owning an EVE mattress since I first heard about them a couple of years back. I’m so happy to finally have my hands on one.

I don’t sleep well at all, like seriously I have terrible sleep (going to write a post on my tips for terrible sleepers) but this memory foam mattress has helped me so much. Of course it took a few nights to actually get used to sleeping on memory foam rather than a spring mattress. But I can now say after two full weeks I am without a doubt a memory foam mattress convert. The EVE mattress is not only SUPER COMFY, it’s so beautifully made. You can really tell the detail that’s gone into it the design, down to the cover and the iconic EVE yellow stripe.

EVE sleep linen (click here)

Along side the awesome mattress EVE have been amazingly kind in giving me a set of their new linen bed sheets. I’d never owned linen sheets, I always just went for cotton so I wasn’t to sure what to expect. Once again I have been converted. The linen keeps you cool all night long! Amazing right! All these little things add up so much to hep me improving my sleeping pattern.

I can’t stress enough, if you’re not the best sleeper pop down to a show-room that stock EVE and check out the comfort you’ll get from one of these bad boys, they’re worth every penny. After all you spend a quarter of your life in bed.

Being a big cushion advocate it’s probably no surprise the amount I added in this make-over. I just think cushions can fill in those spaces you just don’t know what to put there. Plus when you can go to places like ikea and H&M and find amazing covers for only a couple of pound whats a guy to do?

Oliver Bonas has been really upping their cushion game lately, with the velvets and gold foil print, so obviously I had to get them! The pastel velvet tones work perfect with the dark room contrast and reflective gold details (the smaller pink splatter is no longer available but they have a very similar one). Another plus with the OB cushions, the come with their inners!

Pink Splatter £28.00 (alternative) – click here
Blue Gold Foil £30.00 – click here 
Green Gold Foil £30.00 – click here 

The deep green velvet cushions are from Debenhams own range, they’re the perfect paring colour for Hague Blue, in-fact Hague Blue actually has a mix of green within it! Adding the deep green allows the colours to be broken down making it look more structured. The Debenhams cushions also come with their inners.

Green Velvet £16.00 – click here

For corners or spaces that we’re missing that extra something but I didn’t know what to put there, I added a couple of cushions for texture and colour, I feel like more floors need cushion areas. Understandably not everyone wants to use their cushions on the floor especially after paying out the big buck, that’s why H&M cushions are perfect prices ranging from £6.00 – £12.00 (inners not included).

Pink Velvet £6.99 (click here)
Grey Velvet £6.99 (click here)

Next Faux Fur Throw £50.00 – £80.00 (click here)

Is any bed complete without a (faux) fur throw?…me thinks not. I worked at next for a good few years so I knew that their throws where good quality. Whenever they went in the sale; which wasn’t often I would try to get myself one. I chose the grey, well because it’s pretty self-explanatory right?

When winter comes I’m going to be wrapped up like a sausage roll.

P.S – the snazzy mugs can be found from Debenhams, I think they were in the sale too!

Debenhams Dusk Pink Velour Curtains £100.00 (click here)

I knew from the starting point I wanted a pair of pink velour curtains, little did I know that this was an almost impossible task! I just couldn’t find the colour I wanted, until I stumbled upon this luscious pair online from…you guessed it Debenhamns! They were actually in the sale at the time for £80.00 which is amazing for a pair of curtains (they have since went back up in price).

The dusk pink fits in brilliantly with the dark walls and loud wallpaper, because of its velvet texture they differ in their shade of pink throughout the day.

P.S – as for the curtain pole I did almost buy one from Anthropologie for £100+ but then a I settled on a £30.00 one from B&Q which I think looks just as good.

Ikea Rug £35.00 (click here

As you’ve probably noticed, I was very keen to have pops of bright colour throughout. With it being a dark interior I found it important not to go to moody. Having pops of colour brings that sense of fun into the design. This rug is perfect for that pop, not only is it geometric, but it’s filled with a bunch of bright colours. I managed to get this when it was in the sale for £30.00 it has since been increased by £5.00 but that still a brill price for the size. Oh and it soft!

Wall Art…

Juniqe (click here)

In the past I haven’t had space for wall art so being able to pick out some pieces has been hugely enjoyable! I shopped these pieces from Juniqe, they have thousands to choose from so the choice is endless and they don’t just print wall art, they print onto bedding, cushions you name it.

I wanted to incorporate the colours of the room, blues and pinks. These Wes Anderson themed works from Ale Giorgini hit the nail on the head. Perfect as my all time favourite director is Wes Anderson and my favourite movie of all time is The grand Budapest Hotel, win, win!

The Grand Budapest Print (click here)
Life Aquatic Print (click here)

For the chimney breast I had the idea of three smaller prints running down. Again wanting to incorporate the colours of the room, I came across the prints by Amit Shimoni, taking influential people and jazzing them up in a modern style. One; I thought these pieces were amazing and so different that people will look and be like “whaaa…?” and Two; the three prints I picked all had a pink hue behind them, making it almost a gradient of one another.

Queen Lizzy print (click here)
Mandela print (click here)
Obama print (click here)

As for the pink banana leaf print; that, I actually picked up from Oliver Bonas. It’s technically just a piece of wrapping paper that I framed! Cheap and cheerful.

D E C O R   A C C E S S O R I E S 

Accessorising is probably my favourite part about decorating, the hard work is done, you can see the finish in sight, now all you need to do is make it pretty.

I feel like the majority of these pretty things will be self-explanatory so to save me tapping away for no reason I shall let you enjoy the prettiness…but of course I shall link all the items, because I’m such a good blogger right?…ay,ay?

The beautiful gold dimmer I was talking about earlier. Buster & Punch £56.00 (click here)
Gold Hooks. Hay Design £19.00 (click here)
Vintage flip clock. Rockett St George £119.00 (click here)
Natural stone coaster. Anthroplogie £14.00 (click here)
Brass Planter and legs. Urban Outfitters £15.00 (click here)
Hay design hand small £15.00 (click here)
Gold Palm Leaf. Oliver Bonas £7.50 (click here)
Gold Tray Hay Design £15.00 (click here)

I do love a good ceramic planter or vase, I think it’s so nice to have a few. All different shapes, sizes and colours, that way you can layer and move them about all the time. Just an easy way to freshen things up a little when your getting bored with it.

Pink & Blue Florbella Vase. Oliver Bonas £28.00 (click here)
Tall blue Isabela Vase. Oliver Bonas £28.00 (click here)
Green swirl and gold flecks planter, Anthropologie £16.00 (in-store)
Rose Pink small vase. Rockett St George £17.00 (click here)
Argyll Tripod Planter. Rockett St George £29.00 (click here)

Tall Concrete Planter. Next Home £55.00 (click here)
Plant inside is from B&Q.

These storage boxes are from Ikea, they were created for a limited time as an artist collaboration I believe. But when I went to my local ikea they still had a bunch left, plus they’re so affordable. It’s an easy way to add some colour whilst also being practical. (click here)

Agate Mineral Book Ends. Oliver Bonas £60.00 (click here)
Gold Pols Potten, Amara Living £26.00 (click here)
Espresso Candle, this guys smells unreal! Anthroplogie £16.00 (click here)

Technically the room is complete, but there is still a few minor things I’d like to do before it’s 100%. But I am SO happy with how it as turned out. Creating a mood board helped me so much when planning, I could really see what colours work well, which items looked great besides one another and just all round great at giving me inspiration. I would definitely recommend mood-boarding if you’re taking on a project of your own.

Until next time!

P.S – apologies for maybe not making sense in areas, I’m slightly rusty.



*This is a paid for collaboration, many of the brands featured have gifted the items to me, to which I am hugely grateful. All views and opinions are 100% honest and my own! Links on this post may be affiliated, please feel free not to use them.*


  1. September 18, 2017 / 11:08 am

    Please become an interior designer!
    I’m obsessed with the maximalism and dark interiors, well done on this!!!

    • September 18, 2017 / 9:18 pm

      Aww thank you so much Luc!!
      Oh my god, I would absolutely love to do that as a career!

  2. Jade Leigh
    September 19, 2017 / 1:16 pm

    Wow – absolutely stunning! You have an eye for detail

    • September 19, 2017 / 9:37 pm

      Thanks sweetness! – I’ll be your personal interior advisor don’t you worry!

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