Kiehl’s Age Defender Dual-Action Cleanser.

D U A L – A C T I O N

As a cleanser fanatic I love testing out new cleanser. So of course when I received the new Age Defender 2-in-1 cleanser from Kiehl’s I had to immediately give it ago. Being a big fan of the Age Defender range, I had high hopes.

This dual-action cleanser if formulated with four main ingredients:

– Moroccan Black Lava Clay – first of all how fancy does that sounds; like…”hey I’m just cleaning my face with some black lava clay from Morocco, yeah. No big deal”. The Clay helps to purify the skin, penetrating pores to get rid of that nasty dirt while soaking up that excess oil (rank).

 Phytic Acid – No me either. But any sort of acid always interests me. Apparently said acid helps remove those more stubborn layers of dead skin, therefore helping to prevent clogged pores giving you a more refreshed appearance.

– Apricot Seed/Orange Bark – We all love a good NATURAL exfoliate, one that won’t harm the earth and what-not. Well Apricot Seed & Orange Bark is perfect for that! Plus it’s just the right-amount of abrasive for daily use.

H O W  T O  U S E ?

As with any cleanser with a “physical” exfoliant within, I stay away from using it with my Clarisonic purely because that would probably be too harsh.

– Dampen face with warm water.

– Apply a generous pea sized amount to the palms.

– Create a good lather.

– Apply in circular motions all over he face and neck.

– Then rinse with warm water.

– TIP: splash your face with cold water to close them pores up.

Being a “Dual-Action” cleanser is also has the properties to become a quick ‘mask‘ fix.

Simply apply a thin layer all over damp face, leave to dry for 5 mins. Then gently massage off with warm water. Easy.


First off I will say, it’s by no means my favourite cleanser. However, it is a very descent one! One I have no issues with using.

Personally the only difficulty I find with ‘exfoliating‘ cleansers; is the fact I can’t use them with my Clarisonic (which I’m obsessed with).

If I didn’t use a Clarisonic then this could potentially be one of my top faves!

I’d deffo say it’s worth a try.


All the best,
*The items in this post have been kindly gifted to me by the brand. The views are 100% honest and my own*

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