Father’s Day Grooming Guide.

Apologies on the delay of this one guys, lets just say I’ve been having some technical issues. UGH.

Moving forward, Father’s Day is fast approaching, as we all know Dad’s are notoriously hard to buy for when it comes to gifting. Grooming gifts are one of those ‘safe’ bets when it come to gifting I believe. Who doesn’t love to add to their toiletries…even if your dad says he doesn’t care about his skin I think the most of us know they’re just lying.

Below I have put together some of the most up-to-date grooming items that I believe to be ‘Dad friendly’…plus you might find something that interests you.

let’s begin…

Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 Charcoal facial – 150ml Approx £4.99 (Click Here)

This triple use formulation can be used as a wash, scrub and mask. Helping to visibly reduce the appearance of blackheads and help to protect against their reappearance. Perfect for all ages and suitable for all skin types. For less than £5.00 this is some bargain skincare at its best. So maybe if your dads not one for appreciating the more luxe skincare this is the way to go.

Anthony High Performance Vitamin-A Facial Treatment – 50ml Approx. £48.00 (Click Here)

Anthony is perhaps a brand you’re not to familiar with, probably because it’s only just beginning to grow here in the UK, it’s already made a big name for itself over the pond in the US. Developed by a man who thought that there was a gap in the market for fuss-free skincare for men. Fashioning the tag line “Developed for men. Borrowed by women.”

I’ve tried a few items from the Anthony brand and I’ve been utterly impressed.

The Vitamin-A facial treatment is from more of their luxury side of the brand, as you can probably tell from the price. However this treatment is brilliant for that older gent who really wants to start taking care of himself.

Containing Vitamin-A and carrot Root to help increase the skins natural cellular turnover and help to re-store the skins natural elasticity. While shea butter restores, hydrates and soothes. Basically, you’re not going to look age-less, however it will help slow down the signs of ageing and give you that youthful bounce back to your skin.

Anthony Pre-Shave + Conditioning Beard Oil – 90ml Approx £26.00 (Click Here)

Another from Anthony’s more luxe line. This dual purpose oil is developed with Rosemary and Basil Oil (which makes it smell amazing), to nourish and soften facial hair. While Calendula Oil and Vitamin-E hydrate, condition and soothe the skin below.

This is a such a great gift, as it can used when shaving or when growing a beard. So many possibilities.

An added bonus with buying from Anthony is that a percentage of proceeds to toward Prostate Cancer Research.

CornerStone Shaving Subscription Set – Various prices (Click Here)

Cornerstone have long been a favourite of mine ever since I discovered them over a year ago. They have the best razors I have ever used! No lies.

I understand everyone and their mums has heard of a razor subscription brand out there. However Cornerstone are different with their high-tech design and feel, plus the added bonus of being able to personalise your razor with up to three letters.

Fear not, just because it’s a subscription brand. You don’t have to set up a subscription you could really just purchase a one-off set. Which is a brilliant to gift, if your dad likes it he can continue with the deliveries, simple.

I find with this razor it can be used numerous more times than that of the leading market razor brands that I have used; that’s probably one of my main reason from the love of this brand, because we all know how god-damn expensive shaving can be!

Kiehl’s Refreshing Shower Cleanser, Pour Homme -250ml Approx. £16.00 (Click Here)

Let your Dad shower in luxury, say goodbye to ‘Lynx Africa’ and hello to the masculine, fresh, herbal scent of Pour Homme. This luxuriously rich lather with make your dad feel like he’s just been for a shower at the Ritz Hotel, when really he could be in the caravan.

Kiehl’s Smooth Glider Shave Cream – 50ml Approx. £15.00 (Click Here)

Another personal favourite of mine. I’m one of those people who has a tendency to suffer from razor burn and/or ingrown hairs…total bitch right?

The gel-lotion formulation allows for seamless gliding over the face, no nicks, no burns! Infused with Kukui Nut Oil and aromatic essential oils that soothe the skin. The unique texture melts into the skin cushioning for a more precise shaving experience. Because of the irritation free shave, skin is less like to inflame pore therefore helping to prevent ingrown hairs.

With all the essential oil, this gel-lotion has a delightful woody aroma perfect for the gents.

Kiehl’s Nourishing Beard Oil – 30ml Approx. £22.00 (Click Here)

This lightweight beard oil is blended with woodsy essential oils, that absorbs instantly whilst softening and soothing skin for a soft touchable beard.

A blend of cedar-wood, sandalwood and eucalyptus makes for a fresh, earthy scent experience.

Kiehl’s Texturising Clay – 50ml Approx. £19.50 (Click Here)

Developed with Moroccan Lava Clay, to define, shape and texturize hair with flexible long-lasting hold. Infused with the same woodsy blend of the beard oil.

Quick and easy to apply and rinses out, we all know dads love fuss-free.

Moroccanoil Molding Cream – 100ml Approx. £20.00 (Click Here)

Who bloody knew Moroccanoil did hair creams/clays?…not me that’s for sure.

This fiber-rich, emollient cream creates natural-looking texture and shape. Enriched with moisturising argan and olive oils, the nourishing formula is great for those natural slick back looks that are very much on trend at the moment.




*Items in this post have been very kindly given to me by the brands, this in no way affects my view an opinions, they are 100%*

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