Father’s Day Fragrance Guide.

Dad’s are always the hardest to buy for right?…I mean there’s only so many pairs of socks and slipper you can buy a man before it starts getting silly (don’t get me wrong I love a good pair of slips).

This Father’s Day, why not surprise your Dad with something a little bit more sophisticated. Below I have accumulated some of the latest most Dad friendly fragrances out there.

Oh and keep an eye out for my grooming selections for Father’s Day…coming real soon. I would be uploading it simultaneously with this post, however my Mac decided to delete all my images I’d been editing for 8 hours straight, hahahaha. I’m fine. Really.

On with…

Dunhill Icon Elite – 100ml Approx. £77.00 (Click Here)

The third instalment into the Dunhill Icon collection, Elite celebrates the a gents timeless style. Bringing a sense of sophistication to this modern classic, even the bottle looks suave.

With fresh citrus top notes of Bergamot, Lime and Bitter Orange settling down to something very woody and masculine. Notes of vetiver, sandalwood ending with an ever-so-slight touch of sweet cardamom.

An all day scent no matter the Dad’s occupation.

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club – 100ml Approx. £95.00 (Click Here)

Jazz Club by Maison Martin Margiela is a unique ‘scent’ interpretation of the Jazz Club scene in Brooklyn 2013. Top notes of Pink Pepper, Lemon and Neroli; middle notes of Rum, Sage and Vetiver; base notes of Tobacco and Vanilla Bean. Make for a fascinating scent experience of cocktails and cigars.

A perfect evening fragrance.

Azzaro Chrome Pure – 50ml Approx. £43.00 (Click Here)

One of my personal favourites from this collection. Azzaro Chrome Pure is essentially summer in a bottle. A strong citrus blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, with cooling water tones.

Inspired by the Mediterranean sea. You will feel like you’re on an exotic coastal holiday, when in reality you could be sat on public transport in the Newcastle. Bliss.

Definitely one for the fresh fragrance lovers.

Trussardi Uomo The Red – 50ml Approx. £57.00 (Click Here)

Unequivocally masculine with notes of Lemon, Cognac, Sage and Leather. Makes for a classic male cologne scent; a Dad scent if you will. 

This smooth elegant scent is encased in a vibrant red bottle engraved with the Italian fashion house emblem.

Pure class and sophistication. Perfect luxury look gift.

Ted Baker Ag (Sliver) – 100ml Approx. £34.00 (Click Here)

Another personal one of my top fragrances here. Ag by Ted Baker brings silver to life in fragrance form.

Fresh notes of Violet, blended with cooling Eucalyptus and smokey Leather, create a powerful cologne. It’s power is on par with that of a Tom Ford Private Blend cologne (no joke), of course it doesn’t last as long but for that price its a steal!

One for the everyday man who wants a touch of class in his life.

Zadig & Voltaire “This is Him!” 50ml set Approx. £42.00 (Click Here)

Gift sets are fantastic for Father’s Day, because they include all your Dad needs to keep himself smelling fresh as a daisy.

This is Him! by Zadig & Voltaire is one of the most ‘day-today’ fragrances I get asked about; what I mean by that, almost every-time I wear this cologne I get asked “whats scent have you got on?” so if that’s anything to go by…I don’t know.

This dark oriental scent is warming and citrussy, a blend of Lemon, Pepper, Incense and Vanilla. Make this a deep heady fragrance.

From the notes you’d think this is only an even scent, however the sweet vanilla and lemon make it great for day-time too.

I hope you all have a brilliant Father’s Day and while your out buying for Dad, why not treat yo’self too. I mean its only fair.

P.S – don’t forget my grooming selection is coming soon, as soon as my Mac stops being a turd. That’s right a turd.


Peace out,
*Items in this post have very kindly been gifted to me by the brands. This however does not change my opinion. All views are my own and 100% honest.*

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