Retro Style for 2017.

Hello retro style, come at me with all your force. It seems although even though the years are ticking us by we’ll do anything to bring back the past, whether that’s with food, interiors or fashion. Me included, I mean bring me back the 90’s style any-day. I literally just bought a pair of dungarees yesterday! Now I just need a pair of sneakers with little pop out wheels and I’m all set.

I decided to bring together a collective of ‘retro’ styles I’m loving at the moment, in a what you might call “mood-board” fashion. Because yes I’m 23 years old and creating mood-boards is fun…deal.

T R A C K S U I T  R E T R O

Maniere De Voir Neoprene Jacket (here)
Maniere De Voir Retro Tracksuit (here)
Kappa Court Star Sneakers (here)

I’m obsessed with a good tracksuit, not going to lie I even have some amount of love for those garish velour shell-suits. Back to the matter in hand, my main obsessing for tracksuits has to be down to the fact that they’re pretty darn comfortable, being that I’ve never been skinny I know that finding clothing that’s actually comfortable can be hard sometimes.

The fact that the majority of tracksuits are made from stretchy, breathable fabrics is a god-sent, especially after a large meal when you’re feeling all the blotation possible. I know it’s pretty ironic the fact a tracksuit was initially designed for the ‘track’ and I’m talking about it being good once I’ve filled my belly, but that’s just the way I roll (literally down the path).

For me monochrome outfits are the safest and in some ways the most stylish. Black hides a multitude of sins whilst the white breaks-up the outfit giving it shape and texture. Plus the fact these colours will NEVER go out of style.

Maniere De Voir (a relatively NEW brand to me) have an array of tracksuits to fit all needs possible but this one is just right for me, the neoprene jacket with high collar feeds my high collar obsession at the moment, while push stud detailing down the bottoms brings a certain edge to the outfit, with the court kappa sneakers tying it all off for the ultimate retro vibe. Yes I said it Kappa, I thought that brand disappeared!

P I N K  R E T R O

Puma Blaze of Glory Sneakers (here)
ASOS Oversized Sweater (here)
Ellesse Tracksuit Joggers (here)
Acne Studios Mustang Sunglasses (here)

Feeling those pink vibes? YES…yes indeed.

Pink has been very hot on trend this year and last and it seems to be staying like that for quite sometime to come.

ASOS have collaborated with Ellesse to create and exclusive range of goods, much like they have with PUMA. Bringing us a once loved brand back to life with burst of retro style.

Styling these cropped joggers with a pair of white socks and some blush pink PUMA sneaks rushes me back to the late 90’s early 2000’s, when no-body was scared to show a bit of sockage. Top with an oversized print sweater stating something neurotic gives that early 2000’s ‘grungy who cares?’ style.

This whole outfit can be completed with a pair of Mustang Acne Studio sunglasses (someone can buy me these if they wish), these Willy Wonka’esk specs are that of 90’s miracles. All you need now is a mood ring and you’re all set…seriously though I need a mood ring!

B I K E R  R E T R O

ASOS Leather Biker Jacket (here)
Bershka T-Shirt Fast Rider Print (here)
Cayler & Sons Ripped Skinny Jeans (here)
Converse All Star High Tops (here)

It’s all about leathers, ripped jeans and graphic prints.

Just because you don’t ride a motorcycle doesn’t mean you can’t look like you ride one…right?

This style reminds me of an American teen who plays the guitar in a rock-band (so essentially me…lol jk).

Leather jackets can be extremely expensive, but it’s not hard to find a really good leather dupe for a super reasonable price or even a real leather for a decent price. This ASOS biker jacket comes in at just £90.00 and its real leather, pair that with a student discount from a friend or family member and you’re laughing.

The graphic tee has an 80’s over the top print, these type of tee’s are a hot commodity right now! You may realise vintage shops bumping the prices of them up, as popularity is ever increasing. If you don’t seem to keen on sifting through the rails at a vintage store, ASOS have some brill alternatives.

Ripped jeans was another hot 90’s trend that’s back with a vengeance, for me getting the right pair of ripped jeans is essential. Anyone can cut a pair of holes in their knees, but does it really look right? or does it look like you’ve fallen down some stairs? hmm. Cayler and Sons have gone that extra mile adding in some patch work detailing to, these are some high quality jeans my friends.

Of course I couldn’t, not include a pair of All-Stars in my retro mood-boards. These bad-boys are going no where. They’re like a permanent trend!

What retro style are you loving at the moment? let me know!


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