ClarinsMen Tanning Booster.

T A N N I N G  B O O S T E R

Fake tan has always been a bit of a caution area for me, growing up with girls in high-school pilling it on like it was a competition on who could look the most orange and smell horrific…so as I’m sure you can imagine it just never appealed to me. It’s only been this past year I’ve started to branch-out into the world of fake-tan.

BondiSands Dark foam being my fave at the moment. When it comes to tanning the face, once agin its a cautious area for me: I don’t want to block my pores, I have scaring on my face so fake tan can often look uneven and of course the SMELL!

Well…it seems there is a new player to the game that may have solved all these issues just in time for summer. ClarinsMen have developed a facial tanning oil that can be applied directly to your usual facial cream in the morning, giving you that instant boost of health. Who needs to go outdoors these days? Inside is where it’s all at (obvs kidding…kinda).

Clarins introduced a similar product to their female line a while back, which probably works just as well, however this oil has been specially formulated to work best with male skin.

T H E  E N E R G I S I N G  C O C K T A I L

Not only does this oil offer you a boost of sun, it also contains what Clarins call “The Energising Cocktail” (how fancy). Specially designed to combat against concerns caused by male hormones. In this magical formulation we have:

  • Bison Grass Extract: Helps to improve the stimulation of the skins energy regeneration.
  • Gymnema Extract (no me either): Preserving energy for healthy functioning cells.
  • Aloe Vera: A saving grace for skin, brilliant hydrating & soothing properties.


Application couldn’t be easier. It’s all about your own personal preference really. Initially begin by applying 2-3 drops to your facial cream in the morning. Onwards, reduce the amount on a daily basis. Then finally to keep up the radiance apply 1 drop daily.

However like I say, its more of a personal pref. I tend to apply 2 drops daily, I love to have a deep facial cleanse at night which can mean the tan fades a lot quicker.


Results will be visible almost instantly, not in the sense that you will look like you’ve had a week in Barbados. More like you’ve had a good lounge in the garden sun. As time goes by you will keep up having a healthy looking glow and a tan that looks NATURAL!

I’ve been using this for the past month and not once have I had any issues with streaks, patches and of course the dreaded smell! I would be lying if I said there was no scent at all…there is, but it’s not offensive.

Personally I’ve had not skin concerns from using this product, what I mean by that: I’ve had no break-outs due to the use. Which is brilliant, a lot of tanning products state they can be used on the face but so often these products tend to be comedogenic (blocking the pores).

TIP: for the folks out their with some stubble or beard, you may want to avoid this area as it may slightly change the colouring.

W O R T H  I T

I would absolutely say that it’s worth it: retailing at £20.00 for a 15ml bottle may seem a little pricey. However, the amount used to make a difference is so small that this product should last a very long time!

NO.34 Quality Rating: 9/10

– ClarinsMen Tanning Booster will be available in stores and online from May 2017 –



*I was very kindly gifted the product in this post from the brand, this however does not change my opinion and all view are my own*

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