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Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream

Retail Price: £49.00 Avail: 8th of Feb

It’s a new year, we’re a couple of months away from spring, we still have to deal with the blue gloom of winter for just a little longer.

Winter can be one of the harshest times for our skin, wrapping up in synthetic scratchy scarfs, constant change in temperatures with the aid of central heating, at worst chilly blasts of wind turning our cheeks rose’y red etc.

For me I suffer terribly with hydration in winter, I can drink gallons and gallons of fresh water but unfortunately I just don’t retain like a camel. It seems to disappear with no trace, my skin looking like that of an Egyptian mummy (keeping with the desert refs).

Dehydrated skin can really put a dampener on things (obvs not literally because it’s dry…ha) feeling rough, course, irritated, red and taught. So for me it’s pretty essential I slap on the creams and lotions that promise me the best of H2O!

When I received an AMAZING package from Kiehl’s with the Pure Vitality Renewing Cream it felt like I’d been sent the holy grail.

The press release made for some interesting reading, with all the info on the brilliant results they’d received at testing stages. I then treated myself to a fresh brew with a spoonful of Manuka honey and read on.

What is it?

Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream is a thick luxurious cream made from 99.6% natural ingredients offering deep lock-in hydration. Helping replenish and renew the natural barriers broken down over the years, loosing its life and lustre (bounce, texture and glow). Oh and it smells like sweet honey.


Developed with two special ingredients both know for their year of service to medicine…

Manuka Honey:

Not only does this creamy honey taste deliciously sweet in a cuppa, it also holds some pretty amazing attributes.

A natural anti-inflammatory, aiding and soothing puffy red skin in the cold winter weather. Also playing a part in keeping infected areas of skin clean from nasty microbes.

Manuka Honey is high in anti-oxidants; which we all know were the hype a few years back. These brilliant little fellas will help repair the skin from things such as pollination and UV damage.

Korean Red Ginseng Root:

An ingredient I wasn’t familiar with myself, apparently been used in Asian medicine for 1000’s of years (must be a best seller by now).

Having the ability to help improve and increase the skin speed and velocity and cellular turnover. As we grow older (gaining more damage to our skin) the cellular turnover rate decreases, taking longer and longer to repair. Therefore skin becomes weakened, rough and lacklustre.


With many great qualities to this cream you’d think I’d be sold by them all. In fact the main property of this cream that I LOVE the most, its ability to help repair the skins moisture barrier.

Personally for my skin moisture is the essential key to keep my it looking youthful and plump; if I can take care of the barrier in my skin then I can keep that youthful glow.

This is a brilliant Cream for both men and women, amazing after a Shave when your feeling a bit tender and raw.

So many great characteristics makes this a multi-skin type cream, no matter the age!


It wouldn’t be right if I wasn’t 100% honest: for me the only downside to this cream is the oily residue left behind.

Because this is such a luxurious cream I find throughout the day my skin can seem slightly “shiny’er” than usual.

This is easily curbed by applying a primer in the morning (primers are AMAZING at helping people with oily skin, there not just for make-up users) or blotting with some anti-oil pads (godsends).

However it is to be noted a slight shine is to be expected, as the glow factor. Don’t expect to be matt, cause that ain’t gunna happen!

– Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream is available form the 8th of Feb in the UK, retailing for approx £49.00 –



*I was very kindly gifted the items in this post from the brand. However all views and opinions are 100% honest and my own.*

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