Orange Bitters.

Smell like and orange…

I know I’m late on the game of doing a write-up on this Limited Edition Cologne, but I adore it so god damn much I could not.

Now if you’re not familiar, my three Jo Malone fragrances I adore are as follows: Lime Basil & Mandarin (all time favourite), Pomegranate Noir, Wood Sage & Sea Salt. However I do hold high appreciate for all Jo Malone’s scents.

Jo Malone often release Limited Edition colognes to coincide with certain events or seasons, Christmas 2016 was no acceptation, with Orange Bitters. 

Their theme was similar to MAC’s festive theming; the nutcracker with a splash of masquerade. I’m guessing this was the theme, I don’t have the press-release so I couldn’t be 100%. It would make sense them having similar theming, what with them both being apart of the Estée Lauder Company.  

The theme is visible in the classic cologne bottle, black check print encases the glass…resembling that off a ball room floor, the sliver cap is replaced with a deep, almost ‘orangey’ gold lid.

I love this bottle design, it’s so modern, stylish and not to ‘festive themed’ – in the sense it’s not covered in Christmas tree’s. This design enables it to fit in on the shelf or side table no matter the time of year!

Like I said previously, Lime Basil & Mandarin is my all time favourite fragrance from Jo Malone. So instantly with a name like ‘Orange Bitters’ I knew I’d love this, and my judgement was right…as per.

The Cologne features a mix of citruses such as orange, mandarin orange, bitter orange. With added layers of dried plum, sandalwood and amber. It basically smells like freshly peeled and squeezed oranges, so I’m pretty obsessed.

The blend of citrus notes makes this scent super easy to layer with, making it the perfect partner to my Lime Basil & Mandarin.

It’s a powerful blend, but in NO WAY heavy. Longevity and silage are both high, which is expected for a premium fragrance.

I’m so happy with this cologne, but so sad it’s only LIMITED EDITION! I’ve read so many great reviews of Orange Bitters; fingers crossed Jo Malone consider making this a permanent scent to their library.

But for now, unfortunately…if you weren’t lucky enough to get this cologne when it was about…the only way you may be able to get your hands on it is if you pay a ridiculous amount from a re-seller on eBay!

Have a smashing day,



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