Men’s Edit, Christmas Gift Guide 2016.


I’m OBSESSED with Christmas, I’m talking big time here. Even right now I’m sitting in my Christmas co-ord sweats; it’s a whole gingerbread, candy cane print mis-mash, it’s pretty amazing.

I love the decorations, the vibe, the cheesy but caring films, the tacky clothing and most of all the FOOD! (hashtag fat kid for life).

For me gift giving is one of the best parts of Christmas, I absolutely LOVE selecting items specifically for someone depending on their personality and interests. I’ve sort of had a whole change on the ‘gifting’ scene since growing older, when I was younger getting a mountain of gifts under the tree was what would make my Christmas, but now I would far more rather give gifts than receive them!

Now I know there will be/there is a million billion ‘gift guides’ out there, but I still wanted to share with you a few select items that are pretty bullet proof (I feel) for the modern-day man & women, so please peruse at your own leisure and enjoy…I also recommend watching a Christmas film at the same time, ‘Christmas With The Kranks’ is a no brainer.

Men’s Gifting:

Stereotypically, men are difficult to buy for. Personally I don’t think thats the case, I feel it’s more about looking in the right place. If your struggling with what to buy your loved one then fear not…


pb163051 pb163052 pb163056 pb163053 Surge Lutens, Gold Collection (50ml £525.00) – Harrods

The highest priced item in my gift guide and most definitely a SUPER-Luxe item. This is one for the guys that you want to spoil BIG time!

The scent is inspired ‘the power of the night, by the moon and the stars’ – a slightly strange inspiration in my eyes, but I get it.

This is a delicious warm, sweet fragrance perfect for an Autumnal winters night with a crisp frost in the air. With notes of bitter dark chocolate, tuberose, vetiver, civet and castoreum. 

Of course because of its pure perfume oil content it has brilliant high longevity & sillage.

The perfect gentleman’s scent!

pb163093 pb163091 pb163090

Zadig & Voltaire ‘this is him’ (100ml £58.00) – Click Here

A fragrance for the gentleman, the rocker and the free spirit. I guess its safe to say its a fragrance for all, in fact its pretty unisex in my eyes.

A warm, pepper scent with notes of incense, black pepper, sandalwood, vanilla and citrusy grapefruit.

A brilliant everyday fragrance, easy to wear for any occasion. Personally I’ve had so many people asking me ‘what are you wearing?…’ when every it’s on.

You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with good longevity and brilliant sillage!

pb213169 pb213172 pb213173

UOMO by Salvator Ferragamo (100ml £59.40) – Click Here

A scent representing the sophisticated Italian gent, with fresh accord and rich woody notes.

UOMO is a brilliant scent for the more mature man, a perfect ‘dad gift’.

Top notes of: black pepper, cardamon and bergamot – gives you that instant burst of warm citrus.

Once settled on the skin, notes of sandalwood and tonka bean are left behind.

With decent longevity and sillage, your sure to get the most of UOMO.

pb163063 pb163065 pb163066 pb163067

Azzaro Wanted Christmas Gift Set (50ml/100ml £49.00) – Click Here

Usually I don’t see fragrance ‘gift sets’ as the best investment, more often than not your paying mainly for the special ‘tin’ or ‘box’ that it comes in.

However a 50ml fragrance and a 100ml shower gel for only £49.00 is not to be sniffed at (see what I did there).

Another woody/citrus scent for the gents, for an all round easy-going chap who likes to smell fresh and crisp.

With fresh top notes of: Lemon, Ginger and Mint will give you that instant crisp ‘KAPOW!’ Middle notes of warm spicy: Cardamon and Juniper, settling down with aromatic notes of: Tonka Bean, Vetiver and Amber wood.

For it being a slightly cheaper fragrance, you can probably expect the longevity not to be the best but it still has GREAT citrusy sillage!

pb163097 pb163095 pb163102

Ted Baker Skinwear Body Set – Click Here

The PERF stocking filler at the bargain price of only £6.00, exclusively sold at Debenhams.

In the set you get the classic Skinwear fragrance in shower gel form and sample size Eau De Toilette.

Simple and shweeet!

pb163058 pb163057 pb163060 pb163061 pb163062

MUGLER Les Exceptions Oriental Express (180g £50.00) – Harrod’s Exclusive

Candles are almost a MUST item at Christmas and when it comes to candles you may as well invest. Of course it’s easy to find some rather ‘cheaper’ alternatives, however they’re just not the same.

MUGLER have developed a collection of high-end luxury candles exclusive to Harrod’s (you can order online). This collection reinterprets tradition perfumery with unexpected blends of fragrance and dimensions.

Smooth and sweet sandalwood-vanilla is partnered with Carrotwood giving a unique and enjoyable tribute to oriental perfumery.

With a high contents of perfume this candle fills the surrounding room with the delicious unisex scent, encased in a minimalistic and stylish black glass jar.


pb193123 pb193125 pb193124 pb193127 pb193126 pb193128 pb193132 pb193133 pb193129 pb193131

Cornerstone Shaving Gift Set (approx £30) – Click Here

We all know there’s millions of razor brands and subscription boxes out there…but its not that often when you actually get a good quality one.

Cornerstone is a British brand that came to fruition from the help of crowdfunding donations of £1mil. Cornerstone worked with high-class engineers and chemists to create a razor and blade that would be simplistic effortless and give you that perfect clean & comfortable shave everyman (& maybe women) wants!

I never lie on any of my reviews here on NO.34 but I want to make this perfectly clear, this is a BRILL razor! I’ve been using the razors from Cornerstone for several months now, they’ve been the best blades I’ve every used. So comfortable and hardly any razor burn (if any at all).

This gift set for only £30.00 (plus a £10 voucher) is a perfect grooming gift! It has all the main essentials needed to keep yourself on top form.

Face scrub with volcanic ash to help rid away dead skin and clogged pores, whilst also lifting facial hair enabling a smoother shaving experience.

Shave Gel perfect for sensitive skin, formulated with ginger root & eucalyptus helps keep skin irritation free, whilst allowing for snag free easy gliding shave.

Post-Shave balm with honey & mint extract cools and soothes the skin to prevents razor burn and inflammation, which in-turn could cause ingrown hairs (ouch!).

Razor & Blades – specially designed razor handle creates a perfect balance in hand, eliminating unnecessary strain and pressure to the skin. Each handle is also personalised with your own (or chosen) initials, it can’t get much more fancaaay! Razor heads created with five super-sharp fine blades, Aloe Vera strip and flexible movement means facial contours are no problemo!

pb193137 pb193138 pb193136

Reiss Grooming Set Available from Boots Uk – Click Here

When it comes to big brands creating ‘beauty & body care’ usually I’m not the biggest of fan.

I see it as a way of this big names making an extra buck from innocent festive shoppers that are none the wiser that they have in fact just private labeled their brand name with a cheap manufacture, essentially not putting a huge amount of effort into the products, but have however created a big profit margin (rant over).

This year I’m making an exception, with this collection from Reiss, if not only for their fantastically on trend packaging, but the products aren’t half bad either!

It has to be said that this is some of the best packaging I’ve seen. It’s what flatlay dreams are made of, monochrome marble! C’mon…

There’s a few items available in the Reiss body care range, all packaged amazingly and sure to make any gents smile.

The Reiss collection is now available in the 3for2 at Boots! Little tip, not only is getting the 3for2 a great deal but if you go on a Boots ‘points event’ you can earn £10.00 worth of points for every £50.00 spent. Perf from the Christmas time, but you need to be quick!

pb193144 pb193143 pb193142

Molton Brown Frosted Juniper Hand Wash (£18.00) – Click Here

Molton brown have really hit the nail on the head this year with their Christmas collection ‘A Festive Fable’. 

All the blends in the collection are of course unisex, for me the ‘Fable Juniper & Lapp Pine’  scent has a more masculine tone.
What man doesn’t want to smell like fresh Christmas Tree’s?…plus I’m sure all men secretly appreciate a spot of festivity in their bathroom’s.


pb163105 pb163104 pb163107

Disaronno Special Edition ETRO design (approx £18.00 – 500ml) – More Info

Personally I’m not a huge drinker, in fact the only time I tend to have an odd tipple is either Christmas day or my birthday.

That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a decorative bottle that I can proudly display until the time comes to devour.

Disaronno is an Italian liqueur, ‘the world’s favourite’ they state. It can be mixed to create some really inventive cocktail concoctions, or just drank with coke (like me). I think anybody would be fool not to appreciate this specially designed bottle in collaboration with ETRO, even if they don’t drink it!


pb213184 pb213185pb213183 pb213182

Foxwood Leather Slim Folio Case (£19.99) – Click Here

A bit of tech for Christmas is a given, especially for the men that are difficult to buy for!

Foxwood have some brilliant iPhone 7 (7+) cases, made with high craftsmanship and attention to detail, oh and genuine leather!

Not only is this a stylish piece of tech, but it’s also super practical with card holder slots, we all know how men like to get the most out of what they have (stereotype alert).

pb193154 pb213187 pb213186

Foxwood Genuine Cement Case (£14.99) – Click Here 

Another item from Foxwood worth mentioning; the Cement case. Cement is bang on trend at the moment, in every aspect…especially interior.

So whether this is a gift for a stylish, fashionable male or maybe someone who works on a building site with cement all day, I’m sure it will make them state the question “real cement?..”. But it’s true, it really is (it’s not super heavy btw).

pb163021 pb163022 pb163023 pb163024 pb163025 pb163026 pb163027Crossley Messenger Portable Turn Table (£79.95) – Click Here

Now this is definitely one for the Dad’s or perhaps the hipsters.

‘A turntable…what is that?” – well back in the old days this is what they played their music on, no iTunes back then. Of course this is a lot more up to date and compact compared to them heavy sets with huge cones.

Who’s dad doesn’t have some old records stashed at the back of their wardrobe from when they were younger?…I’m talking The Beach Boys and The Beatles. However you can also get Adele and the Beibs on records now too…whatever you fancy really.

Oh and P.S – it’s pretty easy to use, so yeah…pretty dad proof.

So there you have it, a few select items that are sure to please this Christmas without a fail, be sure to check back in a few for the Women’s Edit.


Merry Festivities all,


*This is a sponsored post, but all views and opinions are 100% honest and my own! Some links may be affiliated.*

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