BAD by Diesel.



I’m sure we’re all familiar with the brand Diesel so I don’t have to explain it to you all, so lets begin.

One of my first ever colognes was by Diesel, I don’t remember what it was called, I’m not even sure you can actually purchase it anymore. All I know, my Dad gave me it for christmas one year and my Mum hated it…aaah memories.

Nowadays one of my go-to fragrances has to be ‘Only the Brave’ by Diesel ,  its fresh, citrusy and so easy to wear on any occasion, so this wasn’t my first glimpse into the world of Diesel fragrances.

I’ve seen quite an array of mixed reviews on BAD, It has to be said Diesel haven’t really helped themselves by already labelling it with the word ‘BAD’ – I mean it’s just setting itself up for punchy titles that ridicule. However I have my own opinion and have not been swayed from what I’ve read.

I recently travelled to the US, so of course a splurge in duty-free is a must! One of my many fragrance purchase was this little number, I can’t exactly remember what I paid, but it was obviously discounted from tax. I do know you can pick it up around the department stores for around £50+ for the 125ml.


Packaging & Design

Lets talk a little about the packaging: Personally I love the bottle, it has a masculine and strong feel to it, the ‘BAD’ cutout on the glass revealing the amber holographic background gives that expensive luxury feel. While the embossed leather texture symbolise that of a classic Diesel jacket, manly right?

I love it all…as for the name, I’m not to sure. Now I’m no marketing expert and I understand its meant to represent a bad/tough guy feel. But in a sense it sets the fragrance up for easy ridicule and quick judgement. I also don’t fully understand the concept of the marketing towards the ‘BAD’ guy. I mean essentially, if that’s the marketing campaign it should really just be called ‘Douche’. I digress…


Pong Scale

The ‘Pong Scale’ as I like to call it is how well the fragrance performs under the terms of Longevity & Silage.

  • Longevity: 15-20 hours
  • Silage (scent in the air): Vast

 – I give ‘BAD’ by Diesel a 8/10 on the Pong Scale.


The Sniff, Sniff

(questionable tittle, I realise)

Like all the reviews online have stated; yes this is apparently the first fragrance to have combined the scents of tobacco & caviar, I’m not to sure why they’ve done this, the caviar is basically undetectable (thank god), well at least to my nose it is.

To me I feel like this was more of a marketing strategy than anything; to state this was the first fragrance to do this, plus the fact it brings the element of expense to it.

Moving on I would state this as a fragrance in the citrus & woody category.

At first glimpse I immediately detect bergamot as the main note, which I love. If you haven’t read any of my previous fragrance reviews then you wont know, but I am a big citrus lover so bergamot is a big yes from me. Once its settled onto the skin I begin to smell the warm tobacco, another fave of mine.

I could go into more detail about layers, such as hints of lavender and other woody notes but to be honest I’m an amateur fragrance lover, so if I was to say I understood all that I would be lying. But I think the majority of people who will be looking at purchasing ‘BAD’ will be in the same boat.

Essentially this is a nice fragrance. I see it a cologne that can be bought for a high street price but it bring elements of a high-end scent into it. Perfect for someone who is maybe starting a fragrance collection and doesn’t want to pay the £100+ price, just yet.

In the terms of comparisons I would agree with what many people are saying, ‘Invictus’ by Pacco Rabanne is very similar with the bergamot being the top notes.

Available from Boots (125ml £51.00) – Click here.



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