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Pearly Whites

For me I teeth are one of your most important assets. Whenever I meet someone new, subconsciously one of the first things I do is look at their teeth, it’s the same when I’m watching TV. I’m not sure why? Maybe it’s because you can gage a sense of someones hygiene from their teeth or maybe its just because I like to eat A LOT of food so I am mesmerised by mouths…I guess we’ll never know.

For years I always wanted that ‘HollyWood’ smile; a row of ice white little squares in my mouth. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I released it wasn’t exactly possible, unless I was to purchase veneers. In-fact I found out that your teeth can only be whitened to a certain extent, then they wont go any further.

About three years ago now I paid for professional cosmetic whitening on my teeth, I was surprised to find I was already teetering towards the maximum whitening level for natural teeth…which does make me wonder why I went through with the procedure, but hey ho.

Ever since having my teeth whitened I’ve tried and tested numerous ‘whitening’ oral hygiene products. Not to whiten my teeth further, but to keep them at their optimum whiteness, therefore I didn’t feel a before and after of my teeth would have been a fair verdict of whether OR not this was a good product.



Over the past month I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the range of NANO whitening products from WhiteWash Laboratories. This included: Anti-Stain Floss, Nano Floss, Whitening Mouthwash, Whitening Toothpaste & Whitening Toothbrush (I didn’t use this though).

All of the products in the Nano Range have been created to be SLS free, alcohol free, paraben free, triclosan free and PEG free, essentially they are a very safe whitening range to use.

*I will now refer to the brand as Nano moving forward*

Nano suggest a Floss, Wash, Brush routine, which just seemed strange and foreign to me. I’m so used to: Brush, Wash, Floss. But then again I could have been doing it wrong all these years, so I followed as I was instructed.



Nano Floss (25m £4.95) – Click here.

I’m always a little sceptical when a floss states to do more than just reach into the areas of your gums that your tooth-brush just can’t. But anything that states it will help ‘Brighten Spaces Between Teeth’  I’m going to give it a go.

To be honest I can’t rave too much about floss, I mean at the end of the day it’s just a form of string you rub between your teeth, however I will say the Nano Floss was definitely the stand out between the two for me, apparently the floss expands during use it is also enriched with their Enamel Care Technology©. 

I will say after use my teeth did feel ‘gappy’ (is that even a thing). Did they brighten between my teeth? Hmm…I’m not sure, but in a sense if it’s keeping between your teeth clean, I can see why they would state it to do such a thing.

Overall they are both good quality flosses, that I would purchase.




Nano Whitening Mouthwash (300ml £14.95) – Click here.

Over the past couple of years I know there has been so many studies that say ‘Mouthwash is bad for you’ but then there always the arguments that say ‘Mouthwash is amazing’ personally I’m a big fan. I have a poster on my wall and everything…ha, just a lil’ joke there for you.

Nano Whitening mouthwash again has the Enamel Care Technology© to help whiten and remineralise teeth.

To me it made no sense, to wash my mouth out but to then just brush it all away, after trialling the product it does make total sense. The mouthwash it’s self seems to make a thin coating on the teeth, which just wouldn’t be nice to walk around all day with. Plus the fact the mouthwash doesn’t taste overly pleasant.

For me this is the stand out product from the range. I can’t really explain it, but for some reason I just feel it’s been working to give my teeth an overall better shine. The coating it leaves on your teeth before you brush, feels like it’s doing some good.

Since I’ve begun using it daily, my mouth feels more refreshed! Oh and P.S – This is an Alcohol free mouthwash so none of that nasty stinging sensation afterwards.

pb062928 pb062930


Nano Whitening Toothpaste (75ml £14.95) – Click here.

Side note: if your someone who thinks rubbing toothpaste on your teeth with your finger throughout the day it okay! Then please leave. Thank you!

I LOVE a good toothpaste. A toothpaste that makes you feel like you’ve done a really good job and you don’t feel to bad about drinking that can of Coke.

Does this toothpaste give me that good job feeling? Well yes, yes it does.

Special micro-polishers remove surface stains whilst the whitewash Enamel Care Technology© helps to repair teeth, reduce sensitivity and create a radiant shine on your teeth, ooolala.

Something I do really like about this toothpaste; well in-fact the whole range, is the Enamel Care Technology©. So often with ‘whitening’ products we find out that they are terribly damaging to your enamel and effectively thin your teeth out. So knowing that this range helps protect enamel makes me happy.

I was also provided with the Nano whitening toothbrush (£4.95) however I did not use this. Purely because I’m not a fan of manual toothbrushes, for some weird reason they make me feel sick! So I thought it was best to stick to my electric.

pb062932 pb062934


Overall would I purchase the NANO range?

Yes I would, specifically the Mouthwash and Toothpaste. They both stood out for me, with a professional clean feeling and delectable shine to my teeth.

I know that these products are available in Boots  stores or direct from the Whitewash Laboratories website if you want to try them out of yourselves.





I was very kindly gifted these items from the brand, this is no way effects my views in this post.

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