Kiehl’s Micro-Peel Concentrate.


Peel Away

Some are obsessed with sneakers, some with watches, for me it’s skin care. I love anything NEW on the scene that claims to give me delicious skin.

Anything that states: it’s going to peel away my nasty skin to reveal my youthful glow below…Sign me up!

The clever scientists over at Kiehl’s have create a skin peel in a bottle. Of course it’s a longer process than your high strength peels you get from the clinic. But it’s a fraction of the price, plus you don’t have to hide inside for two weeks because your face looks like a red lobster.

The Kiehl’s Mirco-Peel is formulated with Quinoa (yep that thing health nuts are always banging on about) Husk extract, which has recently been discovered to have some crazy good skin exfoliating benefits!

Improved cell turnover, evened skin tone, refined and smoother skin texture are some of the benefits this little jar of goodness has to offer.

Kiehl’s Mirco-Peel Concentrate – (30ml – £40.00)
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How to Apply?

It’s suggest to use the Mirco-peel alongside the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (a wonder in itself). This what I do – cleanse, tone, add 2-3 drops of the Mirco-peel all over face and neck, then follow on with my Midnight Recovery etc.

The concentrate absorbs quickly and can be a little bit tacky. It’s also safe enough to use on sensitive skin.


It’s been just over a month since I started to use the Mirco-peel, originally I was slightly dubious to whether it would cause dry skin patches or not. In my case this hasn’t been a problem, in fact I haven’t experienced any side-effect to my knowledge. No stinging sensations or red marks.

As a teen I didn’t know the in-and-outs of skincare or blemishes, I thought: you get a spot, you need to squeeze it. Unfortunately the many years of doing this has caused permanent scaring and damage to my face (waah).

I wouldn’t say the mirco-peel has miraculously solved all that, but it’s definitely had a helping hand with my skin-cells turnover and over-all skin tone.

Worth it?

For me I would say YES.

Is it a necessary item needed in a skin-care routine?…hmm, maybe not like a cleanser or moisturiser, but its a great addition.

For those who suffer from uneven skin-tone or light facial scaring, I would 100% recommend giving this concentrate a try, especially if you’ve had no experience with at home peels or acids. This is a great first ‘at home’ peel, because there is none of them ‘at home’ side-effects.





I was very kindly gifted the items in this post from the brand. But all views are 100% honest.

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