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p8211276 p8211277 p8211279Finally after WEEKS my hair has been tamed back to its silvery self and all is good in the world.

Now is the perf time for me to share with you a few products I’ve been using over the past couple of months. So if your interested in maintaining a vengeful quiff then please read on…

Fish Soho is probably a brand you’ve all heard of, you can find it taking up a lot of shelve space in your local boots. If you don’t know, they’re a hair styling brand with a vast selection of affordable styling products from pomades to sprays…they have it all.

I accomplished my style today using only Fish Soho styling products, with some prep from Philip Kingsley and some protection from Tresemme.

[All products are linked at the bottom of the post]

Lets Begin:

To begin I spray towel dried hair with the Philip Kingsley prep spray, this helps give you that smooth salon blow dry, oh and it smells AMAZING. On top I generously spritz the Tresemme heat protection all over; now I’ve never really understood how one heat protection can be better than the other. I generally just go for which smells the best, this one smells great and it’s a great size for travel.

p9161526 p9161537 p9161538p9161542 p9161543 p9161544

I blow drying my hair with backwards sweeping motions, not pulling my hair tight, otherwise it won’t have as much bounce and volume.

I apply a pea sized amount of the Fish Soho wax to the plans of my hands; this wax is the best smelling wax I’ve ever smelt. It’s in no way over powering, just a nice subdued masculine scent.

The wax is very soft and easy to run through the hair without pulling and tugging, I tend to focus on the ends of the hair rather than the roots (Applying the wax to the roots will hold down the hair, making it heavy and giving you a deflated quiff!).

*If you want more volume in your quiff try out a volumising powder or apply some hair spray directly to the roots.*

p9161554 p9161555 p9161557

p9161558 p9161560

The wax leaves a nice shine to the hair without the overly greasy, grease lightning look no one wants, unless you’re a Danny.

Once I have my desired look, I go in with the Fish Soho Fish Sticks hair spray to lock it all in place.

I’ve never had a great experience with hair spray, it just never seems to stay in my hair! However I have enjoyed using this one. Not that I’ve tested it out in the blustery weather yet. But so far so good, especially for its price point.

p9161575 p9161576

To finish off look in the mirror and see how amazing you look!

Honourable mention: I feel it’s only right to point out another stand out product for from Fish Soho range. That would be the Fish Paste Putty, now we’re on the cusp of Autumn I need a styling product with that little extra hold. This Putty is brilliant for that, it is slightly heavier than the wax so just be aware.

P.S – I did this without a mirror so I was very impressed with myself!

Final Sassy Look:

p9161595 p9161608 p9161610

Product Links:

Fish Soho Fish Fingers Defining Wax – (100ml £4.99)

Fish Soho Fish Paste Putty – (70ml £6.15)

Fish Soho Fish Sticks Hair Spray – (200ml £4.99)


Thanks for stopping by…fish ya later,


These items were very kindly gifted to me by the brand, this in no way effect my views or reviews on the products. Some links may be affiliated, please feel free not to use them.

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