My Ultimate Luxury Wish List – Autumn Edition

Hello all,

Little update for you on my past week sitch…

I was stranded in Florida waiting for the all clear to come back to the chilly North East. If you haven’t heard, there was/is currently a MASSIVE hurricane (Hurricane Mathew) – the biggest Florida had seen in over a decade. This obviously meant my flight was cancelled…But it also meant me and my family were given an emergency plan from the resort we were staying at, told loss of power was likely and to not leave unless it was an emergency. So as I’m sure you can imagine; its was a little bit scary.

However we were lucky and in fact the hurricane took a slight turn at the very last min and just missed the area of Florida we were staying. Phew!

After two days of being cooped up in the apartment we were given the all clear to jet off back home…yay!

A’las the reason you’ve probably clicked on this post…to have a nosey at my Luxury Wish List – Autumn Edition.

I’m forever browsing the web and mooching in department stores at the high-end designer items, dreaming – but very rarely purchasing…because I don’t just have 3 months wages to give up.

It’s always fun to dream and browse…until the snooty sales assistant glares at you with their judging eyes and you know it’s time to move on.

I have compiled a list of my current mouth drooling dream items for this Autumn season – which by the way seems to have popped up out of no where.

Please browse, enjoy, cry, laugh, whatever it may be…I wont judge.

Oh and major side note: If your feeling SUPER gen and you want to buy me any of the items on this list, I’m totally OKAY with that!

acne acne-2

5. Acne Studio Wool Checked Oversized Coat – £800

This wool check jacket has the perfect mix of earthy tones for the Autumn season. The oversized cut makes it easy to style up for any occasion, flattering for those who maybe wouldn’t go for the slim-fit (hello) jacket. No only is this a stylish item but its practical too, with its wool blend of alpaca and mohair, it will keep you warm and cosy all season. A jacket that keep you warm! Who would’ve known?



4. Burberry Cashmere Scarf – £405

A Staple Autumn/Winter item, something I’ve always hummed and har’ed over. This house check design brings a new monochrome life to the classic Burberry check. The cashmere fabric will be super soft and comfortable around the sensitive areas of the neck whilst keeping the temperature regulated. Another nifty extra with Burberry scarfs is the ability to have them personalised with your initials – just to look that added extra douchey…but who cares!?


3. Embroidered Gucci Jeans – £660

Everyone and their mothers is going in big with the embroidery at the moment, bringing the 70’s back to life and I don’t hate it.

I love items that are a bit different, unique and may even make people feel a bit queasy; if it’s making some talk about it, it can only be good…right?

Gucci have went all in on this new trend and have embroidered the crap out of their newest releases, the jeans have to be my fave though…with an honourable mention to their embroidered sneakers, they also make me shed a tear of joy.

I have to be honest and sate that I don’t 100% get the meaning of the snake and flower, but it’s quirky and that’s all that matters.

sneak sneak-2

2. Alexander McQueen Exaggerated-Sole Sneakers – £360

These sneaky sneaks are glorious. Who doesn’t want an extra bit of sole in their life “Praise Jesus” – ha get it?

Personally I’ve been a huge fan of chunky sneaks over the past year, these AM’s are just the next level up. There’s something ‘architectural’ about them…does that even make sense? But you know what I mean, the structure is just appealing to me and makes me want to know more.

Modern and sleek, these sneakers say so much for themselves they would be easy to pair with anything.



1. #️⃣TheOne – My Ultimate Wish List item, perfect for Autumn – Fendi Faces Shearling Backpack – £4,850

Yes I wish I could be one of them rich kids that could just pop down to my local designer shop and pick up a new snazzy eye-popping backpack whenever I want, unforch that time is yet to come. But I can always dream.

So why would I wish for this Fendi Faces Backpack? Okay so it could seem a little garish and tacky, but I like that. It has character to it and it stands out. Don’t get me wrong I love a plain simple all black leather, but this Fendi gives you a little insight into the person rocking it out. I want to know that person. I want to be that person.

Plus its big and can fit all my crap in it.


708113_mrp_in_xl 708113_mrp_ou_xl

Honorable Mention: Dolce & Gabbana ‘Vulcano’ Patch Backpack – £995

Like the Fendi this backpack has its own quirky story to it, and it follows with the patch work trend but with a cowboys and aliens vibe.

So there you have it, my wishlist for the perfect Autumn items.

Lets all wish together…






All images were taken from the sellers website. This post has been entered into a competition with FarFetch, but all views and opinions are my own.

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