Which Gola are you?

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GOLA is a brand that just seems to have always been there.

Growing up having a GOLA bag for school was just the norm.

So when I was asked if I would like to share my GOLA style I said “hells yeah!”

To me GOLA represents 90’s nostalgia, which we all know is a big hit right now. I myself am a fan.

When it came to picking some trainers I knew instantly I wanted these Men’s Track 111. Because of their beige colour ways I knew they could be styled to fit in perfectly with the Autumnal fashion that’s creeping it’s way in.

The Mens Track 111 are from GOLA’s MADE IN ENGLAND range, something I LOVE. There’s just something special about an item of clothing that’s made here in England. Maybe because it’s just not something we see in vast quantities anymore…I don’t know, but I can say they’re amazing quality. Some true craftsmanship has gone into these trainers.

Their lightweight design means it’s easy to go on foot in and around the city…stylish and comfortable, not something you see everyday.

The minimal yet retro style makes it an easy fit¬†with almost any outfit, from a blue wash pair of dungarees to a simple black skinny jean. They’re so diverse it great.

Of course I couldn’t go without a GOLA bag, like I said it was a school stable back in the day. However I went for something a little bigger this time round. This duffel bag with metallic gold print has to be one of the most iconic GOLA bags; brilliant for travel, plus being black it goes with¬†EVERYTHING! Hello versatility.

I am now truly ready for the 90’s vibes through the Autumn.

Thank you GOLA.


Shop the Men’s Track 111 trainers here.

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This post is in collaboration with GOLA, who very kindly gifted me the items in said post.

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