Why I Didn’t Go To Uni.


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It’s that time of year when many teens are kacking their pants about going to Uni. So I thought I would share my experience of NOT going to Uni.

So why didn’t I go…?

Well to be honest I probably wouldn’t have ever got in with my grades. HA! I only have two A-levels which I think are grades B & D (brilliant and delicious). Then I did a year of a foundation degree that I just DIDN’T enjoy in fact I HATED it.

So there’s that, plus the fact I’ve never seen uni as an option for me. Personally I’ve never had a good experience with education. And I’ve NEVER been an academic person; parent teacher meetings would always be the same “Jack is easily distracted and needs to do better…” But seriously who wants to learn about Pythagoras. The only subjects I ever actually did well in were the ‘creative’ classes where I could use my hands more than my brain I guess.


It didn’t help that my High School was rated one of the worst for grades in the UK, plus most of the teachers were terrible and couldn’t care less. I also never understood how the students that always acted up got the special treatment and cared about most, erm hello I’m over here failing.

I often wish I had a good high school experience, so many people say high school was the best time of their life’s. But it just wasn’t. For some weird and unknown reason I decided to go to a failing high school that none of my best friends were going to, probably because it was just across the road of my house (#LazyLife). That being said I LOVED my middle/first school experiences, which is where I met all of my friends to date…but education wise those years don’t really count, I mean SATS aren’t even anything!

So back to Uni…I think from such an early age uni is pushed on to you, giving the feeling that if you don’t attend uni then basically your going to fail in your career ladder of your life, which is why I forced myself to start a foundation degree I didn’t want. Failing in your career because you didn’t go to Uni – This is just so NOT true! If you look at some of the most successful people in the world, so many of them don’t even have an education.


I’m in no way stating I’m a successful person, ha far from it. I don’t even have a career at the moment. But that’s okay because I truly believe that one day I will be where I want to be, sure if I did go to uni I may have gotten there faster, who knows? What I do know is that I 100% would have failed in Uni and would have hated every second. I can truly say that as a guarantee.

I’m not bashing anyone who decides to go to Uni, if that’s what YOU want to do then go and enjoy it and GOOD LUCK. But I don’t think anyone should do something they truly don’t want to do. I’m mean you do only live once, whats the point in giving yourself the negativity and stress for something you’re not passionate about.

If I did go to Uni I probably wouldn’t be doing any of the online ‘stuff’ that I’m doing now that I feel blessed to actually earn a small wage (I mean small) doing something I love and feel passionate about. For me these experience are worth so much more than a degree. I mean I’ve worked with brands that I’ve LOVED for year…WTF.

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I would rather take the long road being hands on and creative, having fun and enjoying every step, then force and push myself through something I just don’t agree with or want to do.

So if your going to Uni or NOT, if your truly passionate about something in life then I’m sure you will get where you want to be one day. Well that’s what I believe and hope for.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you all the BEST of luck! 


Speak soon crewage,



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