Thierry Mugler A*Men Ultra Zest.


For me; going on holiday, one of the most exciting things is the tip to the airport! I don’t 100% know why; especially when I get super nervous for no reason going through security. But I just love the ‘feel’ of an airport and of course the DUTY FREE. It’s become somewhat of a tradition to buy a fragrance every time I go to the airport, because they’re cheaper (not by much, but you know…justification).

On my last trip away (to Amsterdam, if you care) I picked up ‘Ultra Zest’…however no testers were on display, I was basically taking a risk not knowing what it would smell like…I’m a risk taker like that, living life on the edge.


I don’t know much about the Thierry Mugler male fragrances, in fact this is my first one. I’ve read that this fragrance in-particular has similarities to an original male scent from the brand; whether that’s still available, I’m not to sure (I’m great at research as you can see. Probs why I went to Uni. HaHa A*Men Ultra Zest was created by Jacques Huclier and Quentin Bisch, who I’m guessing are pretty cool people (again amazing research).

Let’s talk a little about the packaging:

100ml glass bottle with the classic star prominent, covered in a silicone like neon orange material. Personally I love the bright vibrant colour, its different and stands out. A down side for this bottle is it atomiser. It can be quite difficult to get a clean spray if you don’t have a good grip of the bottle, pressing in a specific area.


What’s the smell? 

An intense citrus fruit fragrance with a sweet accords. Think of juicy tangerines and blood orange, that mouth-watering tang and zing is what you’re getting. Mint and ginger cool the tone making it fresh and crisp. While coffee, cinnamon, black pepper and vanilla create a rich warmth on the skin.

When to wear?

For me I tend to wear scents all year no matter which season or time of year it’s ‘technically‘ blended to match (I’m a rebel like that). That being said if you are someone who likes to “season’ise” your scents. I would say this is the PERFECT summer fragrance. The orange fruits and deep vanilla warmth represent that of a hot summers day with the sunshine beaming down on your skin.



I’ve seen a few different price points for ‘Ultra Zest‘ varying from £4oish-£50ish. Personally I think the mid £40 mark is prefect for this fragrance, I wouldn’t like to pay anymore than £50. I would definitely call this a high street purchase over luxury.

I found it at Debenhams for £48.00 – click here.


I’m a very happy chappy with my daring purchase, not knowing what it would smell like and in fact it smells divine in my eye’s (not sprayed in my eyes, just to clarify). It’s such an easy go to scent, I tend to whack this on without any thought in a rush, I know it’ll work for any occasion.

For the price point and brand name it gets a thumbs up, like I said this is a ‘high street’ purchase so longevity isn’t as good as say a Jo Malone cologne with a higher percentage of pure perfume oil, but you are paying half the price. You have to weigh up the pros and cons of what you’re looking to get out of a cologne, but for me this is at the top of my high street colognes.


Smell’ya later,




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