How To Be a Pro Instagrammer.

Do You Even Insta Bro?

I often get messages asking for advice on how to have a more ‘professional’ Instagram or how to get more followers (not that I would actually call mine pro at all). With me recently reaching 10,000 followers (cray, cray) I thought it would be the perfect time for me to share my top 5 tips that are super easy and basic, but could put your insta in the place you want it to be.



1. Theming –

I think this is super important when your starting out, (once you’ve got a bit more of an audience you can be slightly more relaxed with this) when someone stumbles across your insta page the first thing they’re going to see is the last 9 or so images that you’ve uploaded. They may not necessarily delve any further into your feed, so you want to make a GREAT first impression.

What do you mean by Theme?…

Well it’s pretty simple, in a sense its the type of ‘feel’ that your going for and want to represent, a couple basic examples: a minimalistic monochrome feed that’s very modern and sleek, or a loud and colourful account with pops of vibrant colours.

Creating a feed with a clear theme allows your possible audience to have an insight in what they should expect to see from you if they were to make that button green. I would say the best rule to go by: create a theme that YOU would want to follow!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 15.20.49


2. Quality over quantity –

Having a feed full of images of your cute little pup is AMAZING, but if only the odd one is of high quality then it’s not going to make a big impact and people will become uninterested and sadly unfollow.

By all means take a million pics of your little pup (I know I do) but only upload the ones with the best quality; remember, focusing is your best friend.

Obviously it’s a HUGE help if you’ve got a good quality camera, personally I use the Olympus Pen with a 45mm lens for all them yummy blurring background pics. But most phones now also have amazing cameras, in fact the majority of my Instagram feed is filled with images from my iPhone, just remember to focus on the subject in the image.

There’s nothing worse than being ‘spammed’ whether it’s in real life or on social media. This can be the case if you upload a constant stream of images, it can irritate people and put them off. The rule I tend to stick to: don’t upload more than 3 images per day, it’s just the right amount and it fits in nicely with your feed especially on your main profile page (this will also make you theme seem uniform).


3. Brand awareness –

This is one of the biggest factors that’s helped me grow my account to where it is today! If like me you love to take pics of your favourite items of clothing or products, ALWAYS remember to tag the brands featured and even mention them in the caption. Doing this makes the brand aware of your post and essentially gives them the permission to ‘re-gram’ your image. Basically giving your account a shout-out, which can be hugely helpful at gaining interest from fellow instagrammers like yourself, especially if the brand has a large following and engagement rate.

I’ve been lucky enough to have brands such as ASOS and The Body Shop and my all time fave Kiehl’s re-gram my images.
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 17.55.07Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 17.54.39

4. Socialise/Knowing your audience –

I think people often forget that Instagram is a social site! And connecting with people is so important for your success on the site.

Looking for accounts/people with similar interests, commenting on images and replying to ones posted on your’s, is what it’s all about. It seems so simple but many people just forget.

Creating good connections is what gives you good engagement (which I believe is more important than the follower count).

Plus where’s the fun if all you’re doing is uploading content and not interacting!?…Come on guys.

Knowing who your following is can be a very handy tool, for example I know 54% of my audience is male and the majority live in London, I can also see that the most popular time for my following to be on the site is between 6pm and 9pm. Knowing little things like that can make a big impact, on engagement. Posting at the best peak time will almost guarantee more people will see it (even with the new poop algorithm).

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

5.Be Yourself and have Fun –

This is my most IMPORTANT tip! If you’re not being yourself and your creating a facade for likes, follower and whatever…then so be it. But what’s the point? 🙅🏼

You should have fun when you Instagram and show what YOU love and enjoy, people appreciate this and connect better with real people’s thoughts and feelings. There’s no point in doing it to please someone else. Your just wasting your time and energy.

Apart from the fact it can also be super obvious when someone is being ‘fake’ online which immediately puts people off, I can also imagine it to be very degrading making you feel like you have to be someone else.



Swiss Roll Ya Later,



*this is just a bit of fun and I would in no way call myself a pro. but hey-ho.

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