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Hi again. I feel like this week has just gone so fast and I’ve been super busy with ‘online’ work, but I’ve nothing to show for it. I promise I have been doing work! It’s just somethings take a looooooong boring amount of time to happen.

Side Note Rant: How annoying is it when people play Pokemon go in a busy public pathway!? I mean I’m all about having your fun in your digital world but please don’t block me when I’m walking with a need for speed.

A’las (I’ve noticed I use this word a lot, but I’m okay with that) lets move on to todays post: ‘Summer Essentials’.

So we’re officially in the summer months; even though it seems like the hot weather has only just started last week for us here in the UK. – It’s currently so clammy I feel like Clifford the clammy calm.

With summer comes the struggle of finding the sun loungers and paddle pools inside the untouched spider infected sheds. It also brings the joyous feeling that we’re all going through the menopause with frequent bursts of hot flushes and red faces, clambering for the nearest object that can be used as a makeshift fan. So all great things.
Each year I like to browse around and see what new and existing products are out there that are perfect for the hot temperatures and summer vibes. This year has been especially more exciting, because the items I have been picking up have been more targeted towards my impending trip to AMERICA! I can’t wait. As if it was four years ago the last time I was there.
Lettuce begin, all the items/products I am showing you are great for both men and women. I ain’t no sexist! Do whatcha gotta do.

Sun Protection:

Probably the most boring of the bunch, but essentially the most important. I am sure we all know what a SPF does and why its important so I wont go into all of that boring stuff.

I have two SPF’s that will cover all your protection needs.

P7220702 P7220703

Clarins Radiant Oil UVB/ UVA 30 (150ml £20.00)

As you probably know; I have dyed hair. Yes its no secret I’m no natural platinum. Because of this my hair can easily become dry and YELLOW when in direct sunlight. For this reason its important for me to have an SPF to protects my luscious locks.
After some research on hair SPF one product that kept popping up was the ‘Clarins Radiant Oil’. Designed to be used both on body and hair! Perfect.
I’ve used a few items from Clarins and Mother Sandy is a BIG fan, I knew it was a brand I could trust.
So…an oil SPF without the nasty sticky residue?…Yes indeed.
This dry sun spray with high UVA/UVB 30 protection is enriched with a special elixir that nourishes the skin and hair, leaving them scented with a light exotic fragrance.
Sun filters and extracts of gold cob, sycamore and aloe vera not only protect the skin but help to improve damaged skin.
Those already with a fresh glow of summer can enhance their tan with the ‘Radiant Oil’ while leaving their skin sumptuously smooth.
Pool dipper? No worries. Its sweat and water-resistant.

This is a definite must for my trip to America!

P7220704 P7220705

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defence SPF 50 (60ml £35.00)

This is a facial SPF I’ve tried and tested for years and I’m still using it to date.

I’ve already raved about this once here on NO.34, so if you want to read a full in-depth review then check that out here.

They have recently improved the formulation to help fight against anti-ageing, with that came a packaging change but other than that this is simply the same product.

Worried about it causing a break-out or making you oily…No need. This lightweight formulation can be used on top of your usual moisturiser. Leaving no white cast or sticky/greasy residue.

Perfect for those who burn easily.

Hot Face?

Do you get all hot and flustered from doing some of the most simplistic tasks? Giving you that glorious sheen all over your face?…I hear ya! Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

P7220670 P7220671

La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray Toner (150ml £8.50)

A spray toner may sound like a strange summer essential; trust me. This has been a lifesaver for me.

I can’t explain why, but over summer my skin goes into over drive in the oil department and decides to give me it in the excess. Queue ‘Serozinc’ and my double toning days. That’s right I double tone through the summer months and it truly helps.

‘Serozinc’ is infused with zinc sulfate helping combat oily and blemish prone complexions, killing bacteria and leaving skin matt.

Apart from it being a summer essential for its oil fighting properties I also love this because it’s very cool and calming to use. If we’re talking simply (when am I not) this is just a can of fresh water enriched with zinc.

If you’re not oil prone and you just want a cooling spray then my next item is for you…

P7220683 P7220687

Kiehl’s Cactus Flower Mist (75ml £18.00)

A cooling and refreshing mist that’s great for your skin!

Crafted with a mix of Cactus Flower and Tibetan Ginseng working together to help lock in the skins natural moisture. Both ingredients are known for their highly moisturising properties and resilience of surviving in unreasonable environments.

Blend of Lavender, Geranium and Rosemary essential oils detoxify and protect the skin from the environmental elements, while also giving the mist the most AMAZING herby scent. It’s seriously so good.

Perfect when your out and about feeling like you’re getting to hot and sweaty, maybe about to look like a ripened tomato.



SKYN Iceland Antidote Daily Cooling Lotion (52ml £32.50)

SKYN Iceland is a brand I don’t think is widely recognised here in the UK which is a shame because they really do have some brilliant and interesting products. I know their products are available from the M&S beauty department and of course online.

First off I need to point out the luxury frosted glass packaging with a precise pump dispenser. I am a sucker for nice packaging.

Yes I will always love my Kiehl’s moisturiser, but it’s always a good idea to change things up every once in a while.

When I saw this was a cooling lotion I knew immediately I needed to try it, cooling products + summer = happy Jack.

‘Antidote Daily’ is as it say a lightweight cooling daily lotion that moisturises without feeling heavy or greasy.

So is it cooling?…sort of. What I mean by that is; yes it is cooling after initial application but it doesn’t stay cold for the whole day. Which when I think about it I am sure no one would want that!

I think the ‘Cooling’ is in reference to it being lightweight, therefore giving you the ‘nothing there’ feeling.

The lotion isn’t just created for its hydrating properties it also has a helping hand in preventing breakouts, redness and irritation.

Containing: “SKYN ICELAND’s proprietary Biospheric complex of pure Icelandic glacial waters, arctic berries and pure oxygen, White willow bark, a naturally occurring form of salicylic acid, soothes irritation and helps provide antibacterial protection”

They’ve also chucked in some meadowsweet extract to help oil balance skin!

This is an all-rounder. No matter you skin concerns they’ve covered it.

The Itchy Eye Complex


Optrex Brightening Eye Drops (10ml £3.79)

Allergies are a pain in the arse at the best of times and with summer comes the added annoyance of hay-fever.

Hay-fever can often cause the nasty looking blood-shot eyes, making us look tired and run down.

To combat this just add a couple drops into each eye and within mins your once red eyes will be pearly and glossy making you look fresh as a daisy.

It may seem like a strange thing to think about but it really does make a big difference.

Summer Body

P7220667 P7220668

Sanctuary Spa Cooling:

Shower Drench (250ml £7.00)

From the company that gives you the ‘spa in the jar’ experience, brings you a new try with their cooling range.

Travelling to America soon I know that mid-day showers will most definitely be on the schedule. (I’m from Newcastle, I’m not used to the heat.)

A ‘Cooling Shower Drench’ is a must! First of all lets just talk about the name ‘Drench’ that immediately sounds refreshing and hydrating.

The formulation itself is a thick consistency that almost looks like it has pearly pigments in it, it foams up into a generous lather meaning a little goes a long way.

Infused with watermelon and cucumber extract this skin-chilling body drench brings you the freshest scent around, it smells like a delicious summer cocktail.

An awesome summer wash that leaves you feeling invigorated and fresh. Aaah.

Body Sorbet (200ml £7.00)

Body sorbets are my favourite type of ‘body’ moisturisers. They are so quick and absorbent, which means a lot let hassle.

This ‘Cooling Sorbet’ by Sanctuary is truly a summer essential in my eyes. The chilly formulation is perfect on the skin after a day in the sun, whether is used as an after sun to help soothe the skin with aloe vera and cucumber water or just as a daytime delight to cool the senses with its unique tingly feel.

A light fresh fragrance of citrus notes with a dash of soft musk to top it off gives you the perfect summer mix.

P7220680 P7220679

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk (375ml £11.99)

We all want to have that healthy glow at summer. But sometimes getting it naturally just doesn’t work. Personally for me my arms and legs seem to tan then its just non-existent on the rest of my body; it ain’t a good look.

Fake tan would probably seem the easiest and quickest alternative. Not for me. I HATE the smell of fake tan, I can’t understand how some people love it, but each to their own I guess. Hopefully one day I will find one I don’t hate.

Anyways that’s why I always reach for an everyday tan, they are simple to use, none of that orange staining transfer and of course none of that god awful smell!

I only tried the Bondi Sands Tanning Milk this year, already its my favourite. Their dual action formulation hydrates and nourishes the skin while giving you a deeper longer lasting tan that you can build up to your desire.

It leaves the skin soft and smooth with that healthy summer glow, oh and the scent is cocoa butter. So if your okay with smelling like chocolate then you need this in your life.

I would say use it for around two-week, then exfoliate it off and start again otherwise it can get patchy in areas.

Hairy Fairy


Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo (236ml £16.00)

This is my first time using a product from M+G, I’ve seen the brand in Space NK and online but just never got around to trying any of it until now.

M+G state their products to be professional hair care, I would agree. The Peppermint shampoo is their best-selling shampoo, know for being gentle yet invigorating, all the while being suitable for all hair types; included coloured.

As the name would give away, it has a strong scent of  peppermint. Peppermint is known to clarify, cleanse and stimulate; all great things for the health of your hair and regrowth.

Formulated for frequent use, which is great for men, the majority of which wash their hair on a daily basis. It is also enriched with olive oil to moisturise dry and weak hair.

I’m a true fan of this shampoo, it worked wonders at cleansing wax and clay out of my hair without drying at all. Plus I love the stimulating properties that it holds, great for a morning wake-me-up.

P7220706 P7220708

Lee Stafford GeLEE WeT LooK (100g £5.33)

This is another item I did a full review on recently with the before and after of styling so if you want to check that out here. Please feel free.

This is a brilliant product! I have been using it almost everyday for a simple summer vibe. The wet look is back with a bang.

The gel/pomade formulation is simple to use and wash out. I suggest applying to wet hair for best results.

Smelling Fresh

P7220674 P7220678

Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi (50ml £148.00) 

If you want to show off this summer here’s your trick: Smelling finnnnnnne. So why not do it with this masterpiece.

I think this may be my favourite Tom Ford cologne! Shock horror.

But its true, citrus fruits of lemon and orange blended together with the warmth of basil, coriander and sage bring this scent to life for summer. Inspired by the calm idyll of the whitewashed villas dotting the cliff side of Amalfi you feel transported to the exotic country with the beaming sun; when in reality you’re in a bus stop in Newcastle with the heat off someones tab in your face. But you get what I mean.


IMG_4583 IMG_4586

Sony MDR-XB650BT Headphones (one size £100)

How annoying is it when your listening to music then you walk away from the laptop and you end up yanking it onto the floor and feeling like your ears have been ripped off because you forgot to detach your headphones. Yep, really.

These Sony headphones have up to 10 metres distance for bluetooth connection and up to 30 hours of battery life.

The design is comfortable and adjustable to your desire. Plus they give you the best bass you have ever heard from a set of headphones!

Sandy has also been loving them, although she’s not much of a tech wizard herself. Once I’ve connected them to her phone she has hours of entertainment dancing along to her fave hits.

IMG_4576 P7220721 P7220719

Sony SRS-XB3 Portable Speaker (one size £130)

This nifty little speaker is built for those who love some EXTRA BASE! It hard to believe how much sound a small speaker like this can make.

Any type of summer gather bring this guy along and you will be loved by all. Quick and easy bluetooth connection, up to 24 hours of battery life and its water-resistant so don’t worry about the odd splash here and there (obvs don’t dunk it in the water, it’s not a shark jeez). Plus it comes in a range of cool colours.

Check out the Sony High-Fi systems here.

Summer Accessories

P7180398 P7180403_2 P7190476

Fjallraven Kånken Pink BackPack (one size £67.00)

I’ve wanted a Fjallraven backpack for a while now so when I noticed they had a PINK one! I had to have it. Okay so yes it was technically from the women’s section but who cares! Its pink and I’m obsessed.

It the perfect size for summer adventures I can fit everything I need in it.

Not to sure if its waterproof but it seems like a material that would at least be shower resistant.

Oh also it PINK just incase you didn’t know. So yeah its awesome.P7220656



Primark Aztec Beach Towel (one size £7.00)

Have you ever seen a beach towel as cool? I mean come on! It looks like a magic carpet and it was only £7.00 from Primark.

Theres nothing much more to say about it. If you haven’t checked out Primark’s homeware department lately then you need to, they have some really great items at the moment.


So there you have it. All of my summer essentials to get you through the summer looking a feeling as cool as cucumber.


Toodlepip my friends,




*Many of the items in this post have been gifted to me ny brands. This in no way changes my thoughts on the brands or products. All views are 100% honest. Some links may be affiliated.

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