How I Improved my Skin.

[Skin Type: Oily Combination]
Good morning, afternoon or maybe evening. Whenever in the day it is for you, hello and welcome. So I haven’t blogged in a minute. Or two. Opps. But your here now, sit back sip your hot beverage of choice and enjoy.
Would you ever clean your teeth without a brush?…No? What about your face? For many the answer will be yes. Not for me. I am a true converted Clarisonic lover; why?…read on.
I’ve been using my Clarisonic aria for about a year so I feel like now I can give a full and true opinion on it. The last year my skin has come leaps and bounds. Yes there has been other factors that have helped along with that; tweaks in my skin-care routine, age and general better well-being. But my Clarisonic has definitely had the biggest impact.
Previous to purchasing the aria I cleansed my face just how most would, a dollop of cleanser between my hand then smother all over my face in circular motions then rinse. I always presumed I was doing a good job.
It wasn’t until my skin was always in the constant phase of okay/not so good. I couldn’t understand why! I had good quality skin-care products with all the best ingredients specifically for my skin type but my skin still wasn’t what I wanted it to be.
Thats when I decided to delve further into facial ‘tools’. With no surprise the name that kept popping up on all the blogs was ‘Clarisonic’.
Clarisonic have been the number one brand for years when it comes to sonic facial brushes, so it made sense to stick to the brand with all the accolade.
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The Brush:

When it came to picking which brush, I went for the ‘Aria‘; for its 3 power settings and customisable timer. It was a pretty hefty price coming in at £150 (found it on offer for £93 currently via the link),  I knew it was an investment piece, although that didn’t stop me hovering over the purchase button for a good ten mins.
The Aria is still gentle enough to use twice a day, with sonic movements of over 300 per second. The oscillating motion tech means that it moves back and forth at high speed without rotating all the way around, so it won’t tear capillaries like a lot of ‘knock off’ alternatives.
The brush comes just with the basic cleansing head that is great for first time users, I have since replaced mine with the Deep Pore Cleansing head (£21), brilliant for those with oily complexions.


After about a week of using the aria I though I had made a terrible mistake and wasted my money! I was having a major breakout session.
From what I had read on various blogs this was normal. So I decided to stick to it. It took about a month to really begin to appreciate the transformation in my skin.
Looking at my skin now it’s miles from what it was. The major difference I’ve found since using the Aria:
  • Reduced Breakouts – of course I will always get some sort of breakout throughout my life, its impossible to completely STOP breakouts, they can be caused from multiple reasons and not just from ‘unclean’ skin. That being said my breakouts have dramatically reduced. To the point where I can actually go over a week or two without a breakout or major blemish. This is a huge feat for me, having spent all my teens with some form of nasty blemish.
  • Reduced Black-Heads – we all HATE blackheads, unfortunately for us oily folk were all to common with them, I’ve tried all sorts of products and strips under the sun to try to get rid of them. Some work briefly, others are painful and abrasive. The Aria has probably helped me get rid of 80% of my black-heads, in a gentle non-abrasive way, the sonic pulsations help pull all that nastiness to the surface and away.
  • Smooth Skin Texture – I was like a camels belly, dry and rough all over my face. I recently looked at a picture from about 3 years ago and I literally looked like a dragon. I never really realised at the time how rough my skin was, now it’s actually SMOOTH! Not only is this pleasing on a personal vein level but it’s also great news for applying skin-care, it allows for proper absorption into the skin.
  • Skin Tone/Complexion – Okay so I don’t have perfect skin tone, especially around my nose area (years are squeezing has resulted in scaring! DON’T squeeze!). But the as for the rest of my face the aria has really helped even it out, which is great for summer when I get little extra top up of vitamin D and a sneaky tan.
Using a Clarisonic definitely means a reduced amount of cleanser being repurchased. Previously I would be buying a new cleanser every 2-3 months. That £18 quickly adds up. With the sonic brush added into my routine I only need a pea sized amount, I like to add it directly to the brush head, but you can apply to the face first if you please, either way it creates enough lather for my face and neck.
P6290107 P6290100 P6290101

Who is it for?

To be honest Clarisonic have such a wide variety of brush and replacement head I think there will be one suited to almost everyone!
As you know I have the Clarisonic Aria and I am currently using the Deep Pore replacement head. Great for those with oily combination skin, to get those pores really cleansed of all that left over oils.
I wouldn’t recommend this to someone with super sensitive skin, or to anyone just starting out with the brush. The key with the sonic system is to gradually work your way up, in both the power cycle and head replacements.
If you suffer from major, major break-outs; talking acne here. I’m not to sure whether the sonic brush would be great for you, yes it’s great at deep cleaning but you don’t want to aggravate your acne and make it spread. If this is your case I would firstly recommend you find a great acne skin-care routine first then maybe look towards investing in a brush. I know Clinique have a great acne system!

Whats not so great?

Because this brush has genuinely changed my skin and how I feel about skin and the confidence I feel with my skin, I can’t find much to say bad about the brush its self.

The only area I find a downside is the price, the brush its self is very expensive, the replacement heads not much better coming in at an average of £25+, plus its recommended you replace your head every three months (I change about every six, but clean my brush after each use). P6290071

Final Thoughts:

Give it time! Your skin is likely to get worse for a couple of weeks from using the Clarisonic, thats because its pulling up all that crap thats been hiding under your skin for so long. I would say it takes about a month to start fully appreciating the difference.

Remember its an investment piece.

Check out the Clarisonic website for full product details.

Cheerio friends,

I am not a trained skincare professional. I am giving you my true feelings and thoughts.

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