Fathers Day.


Why is there a Fathers and Mothers day but no Child day? I’m just saying it’s not exactly fair, equal rights and all. Not that I really have much of a jibe towards said holiday events because I am the type of person that much prefers to give gifts rather than receive them. That being said Dads are the worst to buy for. They never want anything specific and just say “you don’t have to get me anything”. Of course that would be much easier, if it were true, but everyone knows that when someone says “you don’t have to get me anything” they don’t really mean it!

A few years ago I came up with a simple system to buy the perfect Fathers day gift that would put a smile on the fussiest of dads. It’s a simple three-step system that involves three key areas of the gift: Alcohol, Food and what we can call as Smelly’s (skincare and such, but if your dad is anything like mine he wouldn’t even know the meaning of skincare).

So if you’ve left it to last-minute to pick something up for your dad this Fathers day then don’t worry I’ve got you covered. This year I have found some really nice items that were so easy to pick up.


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M&S Beer Selection

Lets begin with alcohol, now I’m not much of a drinker myself but there’s something to be said about a nice tipple as a present on a special occasion. For my dad his preferable poison is a beer, but beer can be so boring and I don’t think a pack of twelve carling would have had quite the same sentiment.

M&S however have a huge selection of specially selected beers, this specific range is exclusively brewed for M&S and each bottle comes under the £2 mark. They have some really unique and interesting flavours, one that stood out the most to me was the salted caramel (how long will this phase of salted caramel go on!). Add in a bottle opener just for that extra touch, a small wooden crate would also be a great added extra, but I couldn’t find one in time.


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M&S Snacks (store purchased)

Food is a no brainer whenever your stuck on any gifting ideas, everyone loves a bit of food. Especially when it involves indulgent biscuits filled with chocolate chunks mmm. I’m currently trying to eat clean so unfortunately for me I wont be able to devour any of these delicious goodies but I know my Dad will certainly enjoy them.

First off I picked up some pretty unique flavoured nuts for M&S’s ‘Sense Of Summer’ range, which by the way if you haven’t managed to try anything for this range, you need to! They have some insanely amazing stuff, especially pudding wise.

I thought nuts would be a good pairing with the beer, sort of reminiscent to back in the day when pubs would have bowls of peanuts at the bar, of course until people started to actually realise that with all these men sticking their hands in this one bowl maybe it wasn’t exactly the most hygienic thing. Basically a posher version of beer and nuts, how classy.

Obviously I had to pick up some ‘chewy’ sweets with the classic wine gums making an appearance, I’m not going to explain to you guys about sweets I think we are all fully aware.

Lastly as we all know a biscuit can never go a miss, back at it with the sense of summer range I picked up the tropical chocolate cookies (these taste lip smackingly good) something I don’t think my Dad would specifically pick up for himself, but gift giving is the best opportunity to buy the receiver something unique that they wouldn’t have necessarily chose for themselves.

Of course some classic chocolate chunk cookies had to join the party. Followed on by some coffee and walnut shortbread; these I am very excited by. I think I will have to allow myself to try one on Sunday (I know this isn’t my gift to me, but still).


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Is a gift really a gift without some sort of smelly element? Its become a sort of unspoken tradition that every fathers day I buy my dad some kind of body/skin/hair care product. This year I thought..”Why not make him a set” so guess what? I bloody well did.

I chose products that I thought would be ‘dad friendly’. My dad isn’t one of them dads that really knows anything about mens cosmetics, I don’t even think he would know what a facial cleanser was. So I stripped it down to the basics: Wash, Shave, Deodorant, Cream and Cologne.

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Scaramouche + Fandango Wash Bag (one size £15)

For beginners I needed something to put all these products in. I found the perfect wash bag from Scaramouche + Fandango that is high quality a sturdy. It also enables for a lot of storage.

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Men Expert Carbon Shower (300ml £1.49)

Something I have been testing out recently and thought would be a perfect fathers day addition because of its 5in1 capabilities, personally I wouldn’t really use this for anything other than a shower gel but my dad on the other hand would really enjoy only needed the one single bottle of product to complete all of his grooming tasks. It contains the hotly spoken about carbon aspect to it which I feel like brings more of a masculine vibe (coal mining maybe). The scent in masculine but not overpowering with a slight citrus zing perfect for a wake-me-up.

Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute (300ml £20)

Personally a favourite of mine. If you’re any sort of fan of ‘tobacco’ scents then you need to try this. It creates a thick comforting lather that goes a long way. Warm woody notes of leather and tobacco with a slight zing of citrus. What I would call the perfect Dad friendly fragrance, you know they will love it. But at £20 it is a more indulgent purchase so you need to be sure that it’s a scent that right for your dad. I recently wrote review about a range of Molten Brown products that would all make great Fathers day gifts you can find that here.

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My dad is a traditionalist when it comes to shaving, using the whole brush and mug aspect. I added some ‘Palmolive for men’ shave cream, I don’t particularly know much about this apart from it’s a fave of my dads and can be purchased at almost all supermarket for about £2. Adding an item with the shaving aspect is certain to go down well, a product you know they will use and not just shove to the back of the cupboard. If your dad doesn’t shave maybe look at introducing a beard oil.

Old Spice Range

When I think of old spice I instantly think of Dads deodorant, which I think a lot of people do. That may be why the brand has put a lot of money into its advertising and relaunch over the last couple of year to try to turn people minds from thinking that.

Alas I still think Old Spice screams ‘dad deodorant’. Not that I don’t like old spice I think it smells rather pleasant and clean, especialy Wolfthorn which has a fresh citrus scent.

Nivea Creme (150ml £4.20)

When I was younger Nivea creme was the only cream I used. Now, it would probably make me break-out because of it highly nourishing thick consistency.

That being said I know it is a terrific cream and I added that in the set to try to persuade my dad to look after his skin a bit more.

I specifically got the ‘mens’ tin to make it seem slightly more masculine but in actual fact I don’t think the product inside is any different to the women’s, maybe some scent difference but that is all.

FullSizeRender (3)

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather (50ml £145)

If your feeling extremely generous then the Tom Ford tuscan Leather cologne from the privates blend collection is perfect for any dad. Saffron, Raspberry and Thyme open to Olibanum and Night Blooming Jasmine. Leather, Black suede and Amberwood add an intricate richness. The clue is in the name for this one, it truly smells like luxurious high quality leather, it bring you that sense of the high life, as if you can afford to own a private jet, until you realise you can’t afford an easy jet ticket.

Like I said this is a very generous gift though because of its high selling price, but if you were to purchase it then you wont be sorry with the quality and I think your dad would be eternally grateful. Plus he would be smelling fly.

Obviously everything I have bought is with taste of my own dad in mind, but this gives you a general idea of what you could do within the three-step programme of: Alcohol, Food and Smelly’s.

You can totally customise it. But I believe this covers all of the best part of a present on father’s day, I am sure your dad will be extremely happy, of course at the end of the day it is the thought that matters more than the present. – But it’s totally also the present that matters too so…you decide.

If you really are struggling with what to get your Dad this Fathers day I would 100% recommend checking out M&S, they really have so many unique things in their food hall and some brilliant toiletries for men too that I think would be perfect for dads, M&S is such a dad friendly store.

Hope you have a great fathers day and you enjoyed reading this crappy blogpost, yay.



*Some items may have been gifted to me by brands. This in no way alters what I think of a product. These are my true honest opinions.

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