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Molton Brown are one of the most acknowledged luxury brands for their beautifully crafted products with expertly crafted fragrances. So of course when I was given the opportunity to try out their new ‘re-charge SPORT’ range as well as two of their most popular body washes, I couldn’t refuse.

I usually don’t tend to sway towards products with any sort of stereotypical manly branding, from experience they all have similar generic masculine scents and basic formulations. This is definitely not the case for Molten Brown’s new collection; re-charge SPORT, its inspired by one of their most iconic and bestselling fragrances: Black Peppercorn. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t disappoint.

I wanted to get this post up as soon as I could because all of these items would be perfect for Fathers day, if your feeling generous.

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SPORT Muscle Soak (300g £19.00) 

I’m not the biggest fan of baths. The concept of a delicious bath filled to the rim with glorious bubbles seems amazing. But at the end of the day it becomes more effort than its worth to just sit and stew, so instead I just hop in the shower. That being said this muscle soak has definitely pushed me towards being an avid bath goer. If not just for its AMAZING scent but the way it makes me feel. I’m talking Chandler in the bath sort of sitch (get the reference?).

These mineral rich salts combined with the unique formulation of Madagascan pepper oil, sweet cardamom and uplifted zesty grapefruit is enough to tingle the whiskers of any animal. It stimulates and eases, probably to be expected by a ‘muscle soak’. I guess this would be perfect if you’ve had a hard session at the gym or just recently finished a marathon but for the everyday average joe like me it’s also a soothing delight at the end of your week or maybe even a mid-week treat to help alleviate tired looking skin.

It’s so simple to use just add two caps full of the salts to running water and let the salts do the rest, don’t expect bubbles!

P.S – I’ve also discovered this makes a foot bath that bit more relaxing just add one cap full for that bit more luxury.

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SPORT Deodorant (150ml £20.00)

Just as with the Muscle Soak the deodorant comes with the same iconic spicy peppercorn scent uplifted by a hint of citrus for that extra zing! That makes it; like I said before truly amazing. Although MB have labelled this as deodorant there is nothing stopping it from also doubling up for a body spray, after all who would just want their pints to smells so brilliant?

As far as deodorants go this is a good one, it isn’t an anti-perspirant but its refreshing and uplifting, perfect for those hot summers days when you need a little pick me up.

Top notes: black pepper, grapefruit and lemon.
Heart notes: cardamom, Peruvian pepper and coriander.
Base notes: cedarwood, musk and oakmoss.

Thats it for the SPORT range, there is four items in the range, in total. I’m quite sure they are just a good as these two and hopefully I will be able to try them out at some point and let you know how I get on. Moving swiftly on, time for the washes…

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Tobacco Absolute Bath & Shower Gel (300ml £20.00)

I think this is now my new favourite shower gel of all time! I am seriously trying to ration myself with it because I am going through it pretty fast already. I can only imagine the cologne would be fantastic, I may need to invest! Back to the shower gel, aaaah I’m smelling it right now. If you’re any sort of fan of ‘tobacco’ scents then you need to try this. It creates a thick comforting lather that goes a long way. Warm woody notes of leather and tobacco with a slight zing of citrus. What I would call the perfect Dad friendly fragrance, you know they will love it.

At £20 for a shower gel this is most definitely more of an indulgent purchase, but with Molten Brown products it all about the experience as well, high quality products with aromas that will transform your senses and relax the mind. Maybe a bit of gobbledy-goop but at the end of the day these items are filled with high amounts of luxury fragrances that are worth that little extra money for that little extra piece of indulgence.


Top note: argentinian grapefruit.
Heart note: rosewood accord.
Base note: leather accord.
Extract: tobacco absolute.

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Bushukan Body Wash (300ml £20.00)

Now on to the last item but by no means the least. Citrus lovers stand up! This is the one for you. This gel lathers up to a citrusy empowered foam to give you that oh-so needed early morning pick me up. Packed with antioxidant-rich Thai bushukan fruit extract, your skin wont go sad. Its like sunshine in a bottle.

Much like Tobacco Absolute this is a high quality wash with beautiful fragrances that is worth every penny.


Top note: citrus bushukan.
Heart note: black pepper.
Base note: tolu absolute.

P.S – I wanted to mention that all these delicious treats are made in the UK and just like all Molten Brown products there has been no effort skipped on the packaging, high-class sophistication that no man would be ashamed of showing off proudly on their bathroom shelf.


Off for a shower,



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