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Mens grooming has really come a long way over the last decade. More and more brands are now creating really high quality products that are great for the everyday man and business gentleman alike. One such brand is Scaramouche + Fandango.

If you’ve never heard of Scaramouch + Fandango here is a little what they told me about their background:

S+F was set up by two friends from uni, Kenny and Ian, both originally from corporate backgrounds. At the time Ian was working as a consultant at Heathrow airport and noticed the huge number of products confiscated at airport security due to the 100ml regulations. From here they then began to look at travel friendly grooming products available on the market and noticed that most products available were using either sex or science to sell so they thought there was space for something different and set out to create a brand that could put the simplicity back in to male grooming and so S+F was born.

They spent a couple of years developing the formulations and brand image and launched officially to market in February 2013 at a trade show in Birmingham. As a result of this John Lewis became our first retail partner. The brand has grown to include more products, we now sell internationally and are in over 177 outlets in the UK.
I’ve had the privilege of being gifted many products from S+F as well as collaborating with them in a hefty giveaway and being featured in their Newsletter. But they have in no way asked me to write a post about their products, I am purely doing this because I really am a big fan of them the brand and their brilliant products! So lets begin.
Lets face it, shower gels can be pretty boring and basic. We slap them on, wash our pits and rinse it off, not really giving it a second thought. Well personally I like a shower gel to have a little something extra. Whether thats in scent or diversity.
The Sports Wash by S+F hits that bang in the middle. The luxuriously rich formulation packed with caffeine extracts lathers up brilliantly awakening tired skin, all the while emitting the zesty scent within. Not only that but it doubles up as a shampoo, facial cleanser and shaving gel! Perfect for those trips to the gym (imaginary in my case). Because of its lathering properties; only a little is needed which means more buck for your money; or however that saying goes.
Styling creams are great for styling short hair or giving longer hair that bit more texture. This lightweight styling cream has a bizarrely appealing texture almost like whipped cream. Add a pea sized amount to palms, rub together until evenly distributed then swoosh all around dry hair. It gives texture and a light hold, leaving it easily re-workable throughout the day. The non-sticky formulation leaves the hair looking matt and soft. It also has a rather pleasant masculine scent, not exactly something you need in a styling products but its always a nice bonus.
Pomade; one of my favourite kinds of hair styling products, great for pompadour hair styles or anyone with a quiff. This is a water soluble pomade which means it is super easy to wash out. A pea sized amount is needed to give you a supreme hold that will maintain the beast of any quiff, with a high shine lasting finish. Its a brilliant alternative to them crispy gels.
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This is a prefect kit with all your essentials in travel friendly sizes packaged in a handy pouch (forgot to photograph). The set includes a Shampoo, Body wash, Shave cream and Hydrator all in 50ml sizes.
  • Hydrator – a lightweight moisturiser enriched with vitamin E and anti-fatigue chronodyn cell energiser. Brilliant for them tired mornings, especially when travelling on long haul flights.
  • Shave Cream – silky soft formulation with crambe seed oil makes for the perfect snag free shave.
  • Shampoo – detoxing shea butter and black quinoa to remove excess oils and dirt from the hair. Keravis protein keeps hair strong and healthy, protecting against day-to-day pollution.
  • Body Wash – fresh cleansing body wash, thats oil, silicone and paraben-free.

Now if your looking for something sturdy to keep all these goodies in then look no further. The S+F Wash Bag (£15) is made of high quality materials and is large enough to store all your styling needs.

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