Affordable Summer Fragrances.

Looking for an affordable summer fragrance?…then these two scents may be the perfect find for you.

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Calvin Klein One Summer 2016 (£26.90 100ml)

Calvin Klein launched their annual summer fragrance this year inspired by adventure in the jungle. Appropriately, the bottle and box are embossed with palm tree imagery with green and blue tones, resembling that of a tropical island paradise. Just like most CK one fragrances you can choose between a vaporiser or splash top.

Calvin Klein describe the scent as a refreshing, rebellious, carefree and exciting fragrance for both men and women. It opens with an invigorating lime mojito accord further enhanced by fresh lemon. Juicy and exotic guava is in the heart of the perfume, placed on the woody base of cedar which evokes the jungle atmosphere.

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Coconut Milk

Green Apple



*Sounds like the perfect tropical picnic on the beach.







This is a relatively new one to me, Mama Sandy picked it up for me when she was in the airport; well what with duty-free who isn’t going to take advantage of that. I wouldn’t say that it’s a hugely complex scent by any means, but then that wouldn’t be expected with the price. That being said It does has a reasonable longevity and throw.

It’s what you might call a cheap but cheerful scent. Straight off the bat it has an aroma of bursting citrus fruits which settles down to be warm and minty. Personally I haven’t been able to notice the coconut or guava.

If you’re wanting a complex fragrance with defined notes that will last you the whole day with a big hit, then maybe look else where. But if you’re wanting a fresh citrus scent that’s super affordably and you don’t mind popping it in your bag to use throughout the day then, YES! you will love it. It gives you that little bit of boost of summery delight when you need it. I like to carry a bottle with me whenever I’m at work rather than using my more expensive scents.

If nothing else the bottle is very appealing to the eye, especially the embossed palm leaf on the back, I mean how cool!?

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The Body Shop, Satsuma Body Mist (£7.50 100ml)

Ever wanted to smell like a satsuma?! Well why not? It smells so god damn good.

The satsuma range at The Body Shop has long be a favourite of mine, it has been one of their staple scents for years and years, I can see why.

Back in the days before I was old enough to actually have my own money and buy colognes, this was my go to fragrance that would always been in my school bag so that I could spritz up on a lunch time and smell amazing.

With it being a body mist it’s not heavy at all, and wont last to long. But for a bit of freshness its brill.

You’ve probably guessed it by the name, but if not, yes it smells like freshly squeezed satsumas, zingy, sweet, tangy and totally fresh.

Little tip if you pair this with The Body Shop Satsuma body cream then you will for sure smell absolutely amazing!

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Happy summer,



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