Kiehl’s UV Protection.

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Kiehl’s Ultra Light UV Defence SPF 50 PA+++ UVA (60ml £35)

*they have since improved their formulation to better protect against anti-ageing.

No matter where you are in the world UV protection is essential. Even in winter. We’re often good at protecting our eye’s with some snazzy specs but when it comes to our skin we aren’t the best. 

Growing up in Newcastle (not to be mistaken by the sunny Newcastle of Australia) where the weather is usually less than pleasant I never really gave UV protection a second thought apart from when my mum would plaster me and my brothers in this thick white cream also know as ‘sun block’.

It wasn’t until I was a little older I found out the harms that even on a cloudy day those rays can cause; We’re talking extremes like skin cancer here guys. The fact that it can also cause premature ageing is also a big issue. I don’t wanna be looking like a wrinkly potato in my 30’s.

When looking for an SPF straight away I knew I wanted one I could wear on top of my usual moisturiser that wouldn’t be heavy or greasy. I tested out a few of the usual name brand sun care SPF’s, they all had the same effect of becoming greasy throughout the day, ultimately making me break-out.

I noticed Kiehl’s had their own UV protection that they classed as ‘light weight’ with a high SPF of 50+. Sounded perfect, but at £35 a bottle I wanted to know for sure it worked and reacted well with my skin. I popped along to my local boutique and grabbed a few samples sizes. After a few days of unexpected hot weather came the perfect time to trial.

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How to use?

It’s so simple. Go about your skincare routine just as you would every other morning even adding your moisturiser (this is not a replacement for your moisturiser). Then at the very end just pop this all over your face avoiding the immediate eye area, a pea sized amount should do the trick. If you’re wearing make-up just place it on before your primer.


Its lightweight formulation absorbs in seconds leaving no white cast residue or greasy/shiny effect. Only a small pea sized amount is needed to cover my entire face which makes it very efficient and long-lasting. It has NO, I repeat NO nasty sun cream smell! In fact its being fragrance free. I’ve had no increase in break-out department.

Most importantly I haven’t burned my skin once whilst using it, even in the high heats of Florida and running around Disney World it didn’t sweat off.

This was a definite success for me, well worth the £35 price tag and I will for sure be purchasing the new formulation for when I go to America this year – yay!

Stay save in the sun guys,



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