Best Lip Balm in the World.

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Ever heard of Lanolin?…If not the chances are you will have used some sort of skin care, cosmetic or grooming product with this ingredient.

What is it?

Lanolin is a secretion (weird word) from the wool of a domestic sheep, it is essentially the waxy residue that is saturated in the sheep’s coat making it waterproof for winter.

When the sheep are sheared, their wool is cleaned and the Lanolin can be removed.

What its used for?

Mostly used in cosmetics, Lanolin has a very similar structure to our skins lipid structure making it the perfect match for moisturising and nourishing any part of the body. It can hold up to 400 times its weight in water and acts as a natural barrier from pollution and the environment.

Most lip balms will have a percentage of Lanolin as their formulation, its light waxy texture makes it super easy to apply evenly, working as seal from the elements it stops lips from any extra chapping/drying and its natural moisturising properties help restore the lips hydration whilst taking moisture from the air to further hydrate the tissue.

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Why I use it?

I am lip balm mad (balmy you might say, ha, so funny). No matter where I go I will aways, ALWAYS have a lip balm at hand. Its sort of an obsession now, if I don’t have my lip balm I feel a bit lost, much like being without my iPhone; pretty sad really, but I never have dry lips.

About a year ago I was reading the ingredients on my Carmex and noticed “Lanolin”, I had never heard of it before, I decided to look into it further. When I found out it was the grease from sheep wool I had an immediate “EW” moment, “I have been putting wool grease on my lips”…I thought to myself. After reading tonnes of articles and reviews about how brilliant it was in its pure form (after purifying), I set about purchasing some to give it a go. I soon realised it’s not something you can just pick up from your local boots, you can however get it from health stores and online. SIDE NOTE: always make sure you are getting it from a reputable source where they can tell you its origin and guarantee its animal cruelty free. I know it’s obviously not vegan friendly.

I’ve been through my fare share of lip balms, treatments, oils etc. over the years. None has ever been able to match up to the power of pure Lanolin; well maybe Nivea Milk & Honey but for some reason I haven’t been able to buy it in the UK for the past few years! *sad face. Everything I’d read about Lanolin was true, it moisturises, it seals and its long-lasting! Which I think is the most important, I hate using a lip balm that needs re-applying every 30mins. It also has a pleasant scent even though its fragrance free, bonus.

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The reason I call this the best Lip Balm in the World is because, so far, for me, it is. Obviously everyone else might have a different view. But for the past year this is the only lip balm I have used (it’s still the same pot by the way) and for me that’s a big deal! Having sensitive skin I have never had any issues with it, I love that its versatile, it can be used on any dry patches of skin, works great as an eyebrow tamer and its SUPER affordable, I paid £8 for a big pot that I’m still using, I was usually paying around £3 for a lip balm that would last me a couple of months before I went on to a new one.

TIP: If you buy a pot I suggest keeping an old Carmex tub to decant into that for everyday, out and about use.

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Have a balmy good day,



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