Dior Sauvage.

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Just a brief one here for you guys:

Johnny Depp as the face of Dior? Not something I would instantly put together in my mind. But its true, the face for Dior’s newest cologne Sauvage is indeed Jack Sparrow himself.

Most have probably heard of or smelt Bleu de Chanel; one of Chanel’s most popular fragrances and biggest successes. Well you could call this Dior’s version. Not because it has a similar look and feel, or even scent. But because they have gone down the route of creating a masculine fragrance that tingles the senses with a big bang of long lasting and distinctive citrus and spice notes, giving people that “I know what that fragrance is…” experience.

Sauvage is inspired by wild, open spaces; blue sky that covers rocky landscapes, hot under the desert sun. Well represented in their advertorial campaign; Johnny Depp in his usual rugged and edgy state driving alone in the desert, sun, cactuses, rocks, eagles etc. all the generic ‘manly’ aspects you could expect. Its often hard to say a scent depicts a scene; however when I got a waft of Sauvage I really understood their vision, especially the warmth of the sun, prominent from the spice notes.

Dior haven’t scrimped on the bottle design. High quality ombre glass, almost sky blue (in the light) to dark navy colouring, a metallic magnetic cap that makes that all important and satisfying click noise when placing it back on, engraved with the classic “CD” on the top. A bottle no man would be ashamed of keeping on his bathroom shelf.


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Schiuan Pepper




Pink Pepper












So what does it actually smell like? (btw I always find it super odd trying to explain how something smells)

Well when you first spritz Sauvage you are instantly hit with a citrus spice cloud of delight, the bergamot and mix of peppers are at the fore front, not only clinging to your skin but also diffusing around the room making it too smell delicious. As it settles into the skin we are given a smoother sweeter scent, not without that sharp hit of citrus that prolongs for the whole day.

Althought this isn’t a super complex fragrance with lots of definitive layers to it I do believe Dior have created the perfect scent for the modern day gentleman no matter their taste or style. Much like Chanel’s ‘Bleu’, this is a scent that makes people ask “what have you got on?” when you pass by. Long lasting, high performance and outstanding scent. What more could you ask for?

This is a definite recommendation from me. If your on the look out for a new signature scent then go give yourself a spritz of this and see what you think, I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

Well done Dior.

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