Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment.

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When you think of Tom Ford you may think about the hugely famous fashion house or the stylish and sophisticated man himself or maybe even the notoriously popular make-up and fragrance collection. But be sure not to forget the luxurious skincare range specifically designed for the modern day gentleman.

Before you jump up an rush to pick up the whole range it should be noted: if your someone looking for a skincare line to bring back your skin to its past youthful self and banish those unforgiving wrinkles, then unfortunately this range is not for you. Tom Ford himself has stated that the range is about working with the skin you’ve got, helping it become the best it can, not bidding farewell to is ageing mannerisms. He quite refreshingly states, if you want to lose your wrinkles, go see a dermatologist or get laser surgery. It might seem sharp and to the point, but a least he isn’t hiding behind some huge campaign to just sell, sell, sell to anyone and everybody.

The line is made up of 10 grooming essentials that were designed to mimic what Tom himself sees as his everyday grooming must haves for looking his very best. Tom believes that being well groomed and looking your best self is a true mark of respect to others. Just add being polite into that then maybe I will agree.

The Tom Ford For Men grooming range is nothing new, it was released in late 2013 (if I am right in saying) as another joint venture with Estée Lauder. But I don’t seem to see a huge amount about it on the good old world wide web, hence the reasoning I am running my gob off about it now. I have been a HUGE fan of Tom Ford and his products for a very long time, especially his private blends collection. So when this line came out I knew I would have to grab myself a few bits. I can’t talk about the whole range as I have only tried and tested the; bronzing gel, mud mask and the Eye treatment – (which I will be talking about today). I would love to try the whole range but at the moment I just don’t have the spare cash to be purchasing new things willy-nilly. Since 2013 there hasn’t been much change to the range at all, apart from the introduction of two new additions in the form of beard oils, layered with Tom’s signature scents. Even though I am yet to experience the whole range I am perfectly sure it would all live up to the high expectations I am sure we all expect from Tom Ford.

Today I am going to talk to you all about the Anti Fatigue Eye Treatment from the line; probably a personal fave. Lets begin by discussing the packaging. I know that at the end of the day the main thing that matters is whats actually inside the packaging, but personally when I’m paying high end prices from brands I expect a certain amount of quality and effort to be put into the packaging. It really disappoints me when they skimp out on cheap packaging that just doesn’t match the brand or more importantly the price point. Here I was not disappointed at all, all the products come in sleek modern robust boxes, with masculine steely grey tones and sliver detailing, the eye treatment decanter has a unique metallic tip specially moulded to comfortably glide along the eye with ease (it’s important not to have drag or stress around the eye area, it promotes pre-mature ageing). The metal applicator is designed to stay cool to the touch helping improve blood stimulation and flow beneath the skin which helps rid them designer under eye bags.

When we look at the eye treatment solution; its a light weight cream almost gel like consistency. I don’t know the specific ingredients because they weren’t listed anywhere; well at least not to my knowledge. I do know however that it has what they call the ‘Skin Calming Complex’ in it. What thats made of I am not sure, even when I spoke to a Tom Ford representative about the ingredients they just spoke about it containing this. Maybe is a secret. If it is a secret then I am in no way surprised because this is some brilliant stuff. When people talk about products lifting and opening their eyes I have always been skeptical; “how can a product open your eye”, well skepticism over. The treatment quite literally lifts and firms as it absorbs and dries creating a wide awake appearance, even if your still half asleep because its before 12:00pm. Because the treatment is being added to the skin with the metal applicator it all feels very refreshing and calming. If your someone who suffers from redness or puffiness under the eyes then I think this might be a heaven-sent for you.

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So at the moment you can pick this up for £49.50 from House Of Fraser, but its usually around £55 depending on which department store you go to. If your currently using an eye treatment/cream that is versatile on whether you use it day or night you might want to take that on board, this treatment is very much a day treatment, there would be no real purpose of using this as a nighttime treatment, it would almost be a waste of product because of its instant awakening properties. So you would have to look at wether you would be happy buying two different eye treatments (day and night). Personally I actually use a treatment specifically for day and one for the night so it doesn’t make much of difference to me.

All-in-all I would definitely repurchase the Tom Ford Eye Treatment, well in fact I have a couple of times. Like I previously stated I don’t feel it is going stop me from getting any of those crows feet or any other bird feet around my eyes, but it does open my eyes and make me feel awake and fresh. The tightening and firming effect also gives me the appearance of a smoother complexion which is a nice added bonus.

So its definite yes from me. Hopefully soon I will be able to test out the whole range so I can share my thoughts with your guys!

Catch you on the flip side,


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