So if your like me; when you’re doing your daily routine the last thing you think about is your ‘body skin’ – is that what it’s called I don’t really know of any other way of putting it. Anyways for me I hop in the shower every morning, do my usual skin and hair routine, lather up with what ever shower gel smells best then when I’ve dried up I just whack my clothes on and be on my way. But when I think about it, its strange I’ve never really taken a big interest in my ‘body skin’ because I’ve always been interested in my skincare and love learning new things about skin, plus with skin being our biggest organ I think it’s about time I took a better approach to caring for it.

So where to start? Well like I’ve said in pervious posts, I have always had problematic skin to a point. When I was a child I would suffer terribly from eczema; I have grown out of that but it still leaves it traces in scaring and every so often I can have a sudden flare up of dry sensitive skin (especially in summer). Recently I have seen this sudden surge in popularity in “coffee” scrubs arguably the most popular being the “frank” brand. After doing a bit of research I found out coffee scrubs actually have quite few benefits to them. The most obvious being that it exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and decongesting pores. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, great for when suffering from ‘eczema’ or ‘psoriasis’. Helps reduce the appearance of scaring, improves circulation, reduces eye puffiness, and many more! Sounds great right? I was so surprised that there was so many benefits.

And so it began. I was on the hunt for a coffee scrub. It has to be said from some reason I found it hard to come by any! Maybe its just a UK thing or maybe I was just looking in the wrong places. But I thought because they are so popular on the social webesphere they would be everywhere. I know I could easily purchase some online but I was due a shopping trip anyways. However once I ventured into Boots I did eventually come across a new brand I haven’t seen before – ‘Grounded‘. Which as you can expect from the name is a brand that specialises in grounded coffee based products. Coffee scrubs being their number one. They had three flavours (or scents I don’t know which you would call it) to choose from, Coconut, Grapefruit and Chocolate Orange. All retailing at £15.00 for 200g bag. I did feel like £15.00 was quite a sufficient amount of money to hand over for a product I had never tested before; if they made a slightly smaller bag for testing that would be BRILL! Hesitation over I bought the Coconut flavour, who doesn’t want to smell like a tropical coconut? mmmmm.

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Whats inside?

Robusta Coffee Beans / Coffee
Sucrose / Brown Sugar
Sodium Chloride / Himalayan Rock Salt
Amygdalus Dulcis / Sweet Almond Oil
Tocopheryl Acetate / Vitamin E
Cocos Nucifera / Coconut Oil
Parfum / Coumarin / Benzyl Alcohol

Nothing to crazy that we can’t understand and I love the fact they haven’t added any of those nasty silicon micro-beads that are SO bad for the environment. The Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil all stood out for me because of their highly nourishing and hydrating properties.

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After I’ve has a good wash with my chosen soapage, I turn the shower head off (this is a pretty messy scrub so I would definitely recommend using it in the shower rather than the bath). Scoop a decent hand full from the bag and then just rub away in circular motions all over my damp body (It does suggest leaving the scrub on for 10mins), once fully polished I will then continue by adding my conditioner to my hair then wash my face. In total I probably leave it on for about 6mins before rinsing off and patting dry.


Plain and simple, I LOVE IT! I have only been using this scrub for about a week, but even after my first use I saw a major difference. Because not only am I scrubbing off all that crappy stuff but in the same process I am nourishing and hydrating my skin. When I rinse the scrub off my skin feels so soft and irritation free. To top it all off I also have the amazing added benefit of smelling like a coconut all day and my bathroom smelling like a Starbucks which is just so unbelievably delicious.

After using this scrub I have since checked out the Grounded brand, they have a snazzy easy to use website with all the info you need about all their products. They are a British brand that ships worldwide for FREE! And they never test on animals which is the most important.

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Happy scrubbing,



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