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I’ve always been a ‘fragrance’ fanatic, I think anyone that knows me wouldn’t disagree. Over the past couple of years I have managed to garner a rather large collection; far bigger than I would like to actually admit. Moving swiftly on. Jo Malone has always been one of my favourite perfume houses; maybe my most. They combine unique ingredients using high quality fragrance oils creating long-lasting colognes and home fragrances, all incased in luxury glass containers and bottles that can easily second as an aesthetically pleasing interior piece.

Because each fragrance is expertly combined creating notes that beautifully compliment one another, I would personally find it hard to single out a Jo Malone fragrance I didn’t appreciate. That being said I’ve always naturally gravitated to spicy/citrus scents, especially in the summer season. When buying a cologne I specifically look for scents that can been worn for any occasions any time of the day, which is another reason I find Jo Malone great. Not only are the colognes delightful on their own but they can easily be layered with one another to create a unique scent. If you’re not to sure which notes work well with one another you can always book in for a free consultation at a boutique, they will talk you through it all, its fun to experiment either way. Plus they give you an arm massage and a glass of ‘champers’ so there’s no complaining.

This is my own personal collection at the moment. Fragrances I have purchased time and time again. I don’t really know why I have such a big passion for colognes and perfumes but apparently I have always been fascinated about scents ever since I was little, the same can be said about lights but I don’t feel like there is any connection there. Personally I see a cologne as an item of clothing, I don’t ever feel fully dressed and ready until I have given myself a generous spritz of said chosen cologne on that day.

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Nasturtium & Clover – Limited Edition (£44 30ml)

Starting of with my newest edition to my collection. I recently wrote a whole post dedicated to this purchase, about how much I truly love this green herby delight. A herby cologne may sounds strange to you but trust me, if you get a chance to smell any of the limited edition ‘Herb Garden’ collection then please do! If you fancy knowing what I rambled on about this cologne then please feel free to click the link.

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Lime Basil & Mandarin (£85 100ml)

This was my first every Jo Malone purchase; obviously not this actual bottle! To this day it is still my favourite Jo Malone cologne and my favourite fragrance EVERY! If you’re a citrus lover then I have answered all your prayers because this little number is a zinging mother effer! NO JOKES.

As you may be able to tell by the name the top notes in this luscious delight are Lime and Mandarin with some lashings of Basil, I also sense some bergamot notes; very common within a mix that contains lime, they are virtually the same. There is some very neutral notes of lilac, thyme and iris to balance it all out.

Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t like someone is smacking you in the face with a bag of oranges but it is definitely strong. With outstanding  longevity, I personally believe it lasts all day long, but of course it all depends on what you’re doing. If your running a marathon, then yeah it wont last as long, but if like me and you don’t run unless completely needed then it should last.

If I was to single out which season this cologne is best for then yes I would say summer, it’s the perfect summer scent. But really it can be transitioned into any season, citrus notes can be very conforming to the situation, fresh in the summer and warm in the winter. Overall its just perfect.

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154 (£85 100ml)

I call this the perfect “dad cologne”. You know how most dads just wear whatever cologne (or “aftershave” as my dad says) they can get their hands on, they don’t really care. It always seems to have the same sort of scent; spicy, woody with a little citrus. Well this is almost like that but a waaaaaay better formulation and a million times better than your “adidas splash” *ill emoji face*.

It may seem strange, “why would I get what I see as a dad cologne?..” well my soul purpose of getting 154 was actually to layer it with Lime Basil & Mandarin, it creates this wonderful concoction. The citrus notes in both blend together seamlessly, with the nutty and spicy tones bringing a certain warmth to LB&M.

154 has top notes of, Lemon, Bergamot, Nutmeg and Vetiver. The Nutmeg and Vetiver bring a more ‘masculine’ tone to this scent. Although all Jo Malone scents are technically unisex, typically you could say most of the scents are more ‘feminine’ not that, that bothers me at all. I mean if something smells good, it smells good. I don’t care if its targeted for a man or women. But for those who do prefer a more masculine toned scent this may be the way for you. Then if your feeling adventurous try Lime Basil & Mandarin to layer with it.

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Pomegranate Noir (this is the limited edition christmas packaging) (£85 100ml)

I think I am right in saying this is Jo Malone’s most popular cologne, it’s either this or Lime Basil & Mandarin (well at least it was last time I checked). I can understand why, much like many of the Jo Malone scents it is so easy to wear for any occasion any time of the year. I would categories this cologne as spicy/sweet and almost bitter, but not in a bad way.

It has the bitter-sweet top notes of; Pomegranate (which is one of my fave fruits by the way), if you’ve ever eaten pomegranate think about that sweet smell when you bite into the red luscious jewels, Clove notes bring a warmth that settles down the sweetness along with spicy Pink Pepper. Combined together to create a succulent sumptuous delight. (whoa what a mouthful that sentence is)

Althought I do see this cologne being completely transitional for any occasion if I was to narrow it down to the best possible time, its perfect for Autumn, especially on an evening. It still has that sweetness that is perfect from summer but it also incorporates that warmth that is always need in the winter months. SIDE NOTE: Autumn is may favourite season of the year, it just looks so nice!

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Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle (£42 200g)

Moving on to home fragrances now, which excites me immensely. Candles were definitely an obsessions of my a few years ago. I have toned down since then but I do still get excited when my candle runs out and I have an excuse to go round the department stores and smell all possible candles in sight.

Jo Malone candles are slightly pricey but they are 100% worth it! If you want a candle that you can actually smell all around your home then you need to invest in a good quality candle that has good perfume oil distribution, an even burn with a centred wick. Jo Malone candles tick all these boxes, plus they come with a cute little box of very aesthetically pleasing BLACK matches (of course I don’t use them, they are for display purposes to me).

Wood Sage & Sea Salt is the most amazing scent. This nautical beauty smells exactly like it says on the label, sage and sea salt. So if you’re not a fan of sage then this is a no go for you. Luckily I LOVE sage so this is perfect for me. Once again I would say this is a completely transitional scent that can be used in all seasons, especially summer and winter, the sage has the warmth to it which is perfect for a chilly winters day, and the combination of sea salt and sea weed gives us that perfect ocean breeze scent that would be perfect for a hot summers day.

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Lime Basil & Mandarin Reed Diffuser (£58 165ml)

I’ve always found reed diffusers a bit annoying; I can never smell them unless I basically stick the reeds up my nose, there is a big farf on with having to turn them every week; getting oil all over my hands and in fact using up the oil a lot faster. The Jo Malone diffusers are very different though. The reeds in their diffusers are made out of a special wood (can’t remember, such a good blogger) which doesn’t have to be turned, great right. So not only do I not need to turn the reeds and waste oil, but it actually smells out the room as well! Which to be honest, I know its Jo Malone, but I still didn’t think it would work. I was so happy when it did. I like to keep it out of the sun in the corner of my room and whenever I walk back into my room I am hit with a waft of citrusy delight.

Of course when trying out my first diffuser from Jo Malone I thought it would be safe to stick with my favourite scent, hence LB&M. It essentially smells exactly the same as the cologne but, in a way stronger, which makes sense given its pure oil.

Now that I know they work brilliantly I will be repurchasing another diffuser but I think next time it shall be Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

So there you have it guys that is my Jo Malone collection. I knows it’s not that big but these are my select few scents that I do truly love.

I hope your all having a smashing week and be sure to check out my insta and twitter for regular updates. Oh and add me on snapchat if you would like to see what my face and Kim Kardashians face looks like merged together.




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