How To Get Super Soft Hands.

I’ve always had to deal with the annoyance of dry skin ever since being a child with severe eczema. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found many remedies to help combat that, one of them involving making my hands soft as a babies bot-bot. So If like me you suffer from dry hands every now and again or you just want to have silky paws then try out this routine once to twice a week; depending on how dry your hands get. I guarantee it will help you out BIG time my friends.

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Lush Salted Coconut (300g £13.95)

So to begin we need to prep our hands by getting rid of all that nasty dead rough skin that’s been left behind. This scrub from lush is specifically designed for hands. When I tested out this scrub I literally had a “hallelujah” moment.

Let me just say this stuff smells SO delicious. I want to eat it. I wont because it will most definitely taste rancid, but it smells amaze: Think tropical white sandy beach, turquoise sea, sun beaming down and a peach ice tea at hand, aaah bliss. Thats what I like to think the scent resembles. If you’re looking for a more literal sense then; argon oil and coconut milk. mmm.

Scoop a decent amount of scrub out and massage it all around you hands in circular motions, make sure to get right in to knuckles and the areas that suffer from the most dryness (for a less abrasive scrub, wet you hands first). The sea salt with help lift anyway any of that rough dead skin whilst the coconut and argon oil will help to nourish and replenish your skin. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

Your hands may now feel soft enough for you to feel like you’ve had a mini victory from the scaly beasts that were. If that’s so give yourself a little high-five Kimmy Schmidt style and be on your way. But if like me you like that little bit of extra nourishment (especially before bed) then continue on with this routine to become victorious once again.

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil Concentrate (30ml £37)

I can’t rave about this stuff enough. This is already a staple in my nighttime skin care routine but it has so many amazing properties it can be used for a numerous different remedies. If you add a few drops in with your chosen hand cream the dry essential oils in the concentrate will help repair and lock in the moisture all the while helping to restore your hands back to their once happy state.

Neutrogena Hand Cream (75ml £4.19)

The hand cream selection really is mainly just a personal preference of what you feel work best. If you do suffer pretty badly from skin irritation you may want to look at a hand cream without a perfume as this could cause your skin to flare up as it will be very absorbent after scrubbing.

However this little beauty has really impressed me. Because I suffer from dry hands I like to make sure I always have a good quality hand cream at ‘hand’ (excuse the pun), unfortunately they tend to be pretty pricey. Whilst waiting at the checkout at Boots the other day I was drawn in by area that should be signed as “Special Offers On Stuff You Definitely Do Not Need But Will Want To Buy After Looking” when I saw this Neutrogena was on sale for approx. £1.30 so of course I thought “why the heck not!”. As I said I have been thoroughly impressed; pleasant scent, non-greasy, highly nourishing and even protects nails too. I mean for £1.30 there are no losers here.

There you go guys just a quick one for you this time. I really haven’t been the best the past couple of weeks at keeping to my schedule. I take the photos and began to write the post then realise “this is complete poop mash” so I delete it. But I am determined to become more organised I swear!

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