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My fragrance addiction is real. So when I heard about Jo Malone’s new limited edition herb garden collection I knew I would have to at least give it a smell! *insert mischievous emoji here*

Could Jo Malone create a more quintessentially British collection? Well probably, but the ‘Herb Garden’ really hits the nail on the head. Jo Malone being a staple brand name in Britain for its British roots, this collection fits right in with the brand and it’s history. With “Jo Malone” herself literally mixing herbs and flowers together in her kitchen to make wonderful scents from the very beginning.

Unfortunately for me (but probably fortunately for my wallet) my local Newcastle boutique only had two of the five scent remaining! I should have really planned ahead as it’s not unusual for the boutiques to run out of special collection stock fast (I believe the website still has stock of all five scents).

I was given a choice between ‘Wild Strawberry & Parsley’ or ‘Nasturtium & Clover’. Both retail at £44 for 30ml, this is my first 30ml from Jo Malone, I always lean towards the 100ml colognes purely because it works out to be so much more for your money. That being said I love the convenience of this little bottle, it so easy to chuck into my bag without worrying about extra weight.

In the end I decided upon the ‘Nasturtium & Clover’, it smells amazing! It’s so hard to explain a scent, but I can say its the perfect spring/summer scent for both men and women. Fresh, sweet and obviously herby without being overpowering. With top notes of: nasturtium, clover, rocket and bergamot finishing with a warmth undertone of vetiver grounds. This herby cologne brings me a certain “aaaah” effect, much like in summer whilst in the garden inhaling deeply the scent of freshly cut grass and releasing an “aaah” over the joy of it being summer. I have nothing bad to say about this cologne. I think its perfect for any occasion anytime of the day. If they release this scent in diffuser form I will definitely be snapping one up.

Now of course Jo Malone didn’t skimp out on the packaging! This luxurious green bottle is sublime in its detail, embossed with an intricate nasturtium plant on the back and classic logo and cologne name on the front. This whole collection oozes luxury and is well worth every penny.

Of course like I said this collection is quickly going, if like myself your late on this train and you want to get your hands any of this collection you need to be fast! Personally I hope Jo Malone consider introducing at least one of these scents into their permanent collection because they are all so delicious.

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