When I was younger I always saw shaving as a fun, cool thing that only adults got to do. I now realise its such a bore and a massive pain in the butt! Not only do I have to shave every day or every other. But I have to deal with razor burns, irritation, ingrown hairs, and the expensive razor heads! This being said I do have a few go to faves for all my shaving needs. So if your just starting out or your just looking to improve your routine this post may be for you…

Personally I suffer from ingrown hairs sometimes due to the way my hair grows below my jaw bone (my hair follicles decided to be annoying and grow in all different directions) meaning it’s almost impossible for me to have a clean shave without irritation, because at some point I have to shave against the grain. Which if you can help DO NOT shave against the grain (in the long run shaving against the grain can actually cause pre-mature ageing to your skin). Therefore I have to plan for this outcome and tat what the majority of these products do for me.

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Gillette Tools various pricing:

Gillette has long been the market leader in shaving for men. So there is no surprise that their tools make it onto my list. Personally I think they are extremely overpriced! “But hey..what can you do” I like to use the proglide blade with the flexiball handle.

The proglide blade (4 razor blades) is comfortable to use; little tug and drag. It comes with its own lubrication strip that really comes in handy if you’re doing a second swipe with no gel or cream in place. The best thing about this blade is its single precision blade on the back, great for just above the lip and beside the ears.

The flexiball handle I thought was more of a gimmick at first, I only purchased it because it was on special offer, I was pleasantly surprised to find it really does have it benefits for a more comfortable shave contouring along the jaw and around the chin, less chance of an nicks and cuts.

Gillette styler tool, I use this when I have been lazy and stepped away from shaving for a few day. If my stubble is longer than usual I like to give it a quick trim before shaving with a blade, this helps for a smooth shave, plus it also helps to not clog the blade up. Now I have seen this on sale for as much as £30! Don’t pay that much, I paid £10 for it when it was on a special so just be patient because they put them on offer all the time.



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Cornerstone (£40 set – use promo code JACKDESIGNS10 to enjoy £10 off ((I don’t get paid))

I recently worked alongside cornerstone on my instagram. But this doesn’t mean this isn’t a GREAT product and brand that I love (I would never work with a brand unless I fully loved it). This is a subscription of sorts, you can do a one-off purchase or arrange for continuous delivery to restock your collection for a date best suited for you.

Each set come with a personalised aluminium handle engraved with your chosen initials; this obviously has no benefit to your shave in itself but it is pretty cool! There is a set of six high quality and flexible 5 bladed head replacements with an aloe vera and vitamin E strip. At first glance I thought these blades looked pretty basic and wouldn’t be the best. I was very wrong, they are brilliant for a smooth and tug free shave. They glide through the stubble like there’s no tomorrow, with the flexible head it’s so easy to navigate around contours.

As for the products in the set:

  •  The facial scrub blended with cedar wood and volcanic sand to help lift the hair and clean out clogged follicles helping to release any of the nasty ingrown hairs.
  • The shaving gel containing eucalyptus oil for its anti-septic and inflammatory properties and ginger for a zing of freshness, this gel creates an almost translucent lather promoting an easy glide for the blade.
  • The Post shave balm created with mint and honey to help sooth and calm, this is great if you suffer from any sort of razor burn or irritation (it’s especially nice if you keep it in a cool place, give you that added chill)

This set is great for someone who is new to shaving and isn’t quite sure what to get especially as all the products are beneficial for all skin types. This would make a great present, well I know I would love it because shaving can be so expensive! P.S fathers day soon.

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Clinique for Men Facial scrub (100ml £20):

A-MAZ-ING scrub! In fact this scrub has won a few awards because it’s so good. I don’t quite know that the scrub is made out of but it is so densely packed with grains that work incredibly to help smooth the skin and de-clog pores releasing trapped hairs, even the one that go incognito. This is by far my number one scrub, it’s even great for dry hand when they need a pick me up. (Khiel’s also do a scrub very similar to this one made for crushed apricot)


Clinique for Men Cream Shave (125ml for £15):

If you’re debating between a gel, cream or oil, I would definitely recommend try this out. It may just solve all your problems. I find this almost a blend of all three. It has the lubrication of a gel, the lather of a cream and the hydration of oil. The ultra-rich formula helps to soften hairs so the razor glides along skin, doesn’t drag!

Shaving can be very drying but this luxurious concoction helps to hold to moisture in the skin so there’s none of that taught skin feeling afterwards.

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Lush Ocean Salt (250g £14.25 – other sizes):

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard of this or even used it. Ocean Salt is probably one of Lush’s most popular and renowned products. I wont go into full detail about whats in it, but if you are interested just check it out on their website they have a full easy to read rundown.

This was the first scrub I ever purchased and I love it as a body scrub because of its zingy citrus scent but also because of its densely packed salt particles that help for an amazing intense scrub. This is also a facial scrub but be warned it is pretty abrasive so if you have sensitive facial skin you need to be wary and gentle. I only tend to use this when I’ve let my stubble grow out for a week or so, so it needs that little bit extra work to. It’s also packed with creamy avocado so it is very hydrating, if you’re a sufferer of dry skin this could be a saviour for you.

Lush Prince cream shave (225g £10.75 – other sizes):

I was personally recommended this by a lush consultant because apparently this cream shave helps to prevent ingrown hairs whilst helping to maintain a healthy skin balance of hydration. I think this is a great first shaving lubricant especially for a teenager who’s skin is constantly changing. For me it’s not my all time fave, but that just because I have the most annoying hair growth direction and I just don’t feel it has everything I am looking for. I will say it does help at keeping my skin soothed after a shave which is a mega bonus oh and it smells AMAZING!

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Kiehl’s Razor Bump Relief (125ml £26.50):

For when there’s no turning back from the dreaded ingrown hairs and razor burn. This Kiehl’s formula works by penetrating deep below the surface of the skin right into the follicles to where the problem stems. It contains ginger root and willow herb which both have anti-bacterial properties and help to sooth. This treatment really works for me, I already have oily skin so I don’t put my regular moisturiser on top, it’s already very hydrating. If I have pretty bad razor burn I will use this twice a day or even when I feel a flare up. It is pretty expensive but a little goes a long way.


Rules for a comfortable irritation free shave:

  1. Cleanse skin in a warm shower.
  2. Use a facial scrub focusing mainly on the stubble area.
  3. Use a suitable lubricant and razor blade.
  4. Shave in the direction of the grain NOT against.
  5. Continuously douse the blade into warm water during shave so it does not clog.
  6. Wash away residue with cold water, also helping to close pores and prevent ingrown hairs.
  7. Tone your skin immediately after.
  8. Use a post shave balm of sorts, which ever works best for you.
  9. Use a razor bump relief treatment if necessary.
  10. Continue as normal with the rest of your skin care routine.


I hope in some way this has been helpful for you guys and you enjoyed. If you want to check out my skin care routine just click the link. Any questions just tweet me.


Cya l8r,






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