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Masks are easy peasy skin care, one or two treatments a week and your done. There are numerous different masks out there that help for numerous different skin issues and even ones for people who just want to pretend they’re at the spa because who can afford to actually go to the spa?

Personally my fave kind of masks are ones that contain clay or charcoal (bonus if both) to draw out the crap (tech. term: impurities) and balance my oil levels.

Some masks can be extremely over priced especially clay ones. I would be very dubious about paying anything over £50 for a high-end clay mask unless its packed with hand picked jewels from Atlantis because clay in its raw form is so cheap, literally pennies!

Here I have selected two of my favourite high-end masks and an alternative budget version. If your interested in seeing my full skincare routine click the link.


Kiehls masque

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque (142g £21.50)

As you all know I am a Kiehl’s fanatic so it will be no surprise that at the top of my list is a masque from my favourite kiehl’s range rare earth.

Time: 10 mins but I was recommended by the Kiehl’s consultant to use it for 45 mins to get the best benefits.

Whats inside? Well it has a couple of different clays in it:

Bentonite – a clay that binds bacteria and toxins together drawing them out of the skin. Calms down inflation helping to reduce the appearance of pores. And just like any clay, helps to absorb excess oil.

Kaolin –  another clay that works as an absorbent drinking up excess oil while purifying pores from pollutants and dirt.

Oatmeal and Aloe Vera – helping to soothe and calm the skin after deep cleansing and penetration.

I have read a few reviews online where they mention ‘burning’ and skin going ‘red’. Okay so this is kinda meant to happen, it isn’t meant to ‘burn’ but it will sting, obviously if you truly believe it is burning and not stinging then this is defiantly not for you, but you will defiantly know the difference. The stinging basically means its working its magic, penetrating and exfoliating the skin while getting rid of all that horrid bacteria. The redness is a result of this, don’t be scared it should tone down pretty sharpish. Obviously like with any Kiehl’s product I would 100% suggest going into the store and chatting with a consultant about the product and asking for a sample!

I use this mask once maybe twice a week, I try not to do it any more often than that because I would then run the risk of drying my skin out. It has to be said that I do love this mask, I have found that it really helps me with my oil control, of course I know that oil its normal to have on the skin so I don’t want to get rid of it completely! But for some reason my skin decides to have regular oil parties and just invites as much oil as it likes which can then cause bacteria build up, then break outs, then blah blah blah I’m sure you all know the drill.

You may think it is a lot of money for a face mask, but that being said you really do get a lot for you money. Its thick consistency means its easy to apply without any wastage and you only need a thin layer. So if you are only using it 1-2 times a week as suggested it should last you a really long time. I have has this pot for about 3 months now and it only looks like I have skimmed the top.

One criticism I might give is about the scent. This may sound weird but the only way I can describe the scent is mashed peas. Seriously. Just mash some pea and smell them.



Garnier Pure 3 in 1 (150ml £2.53)

Time: 2-3 mins I don’t use it any longer because I can find it quite drying.

This is a great budget alternative to the Kiehl’s mask containing many of the same ingredients like bentonite as its main clay, plus the added bonus of salicylic acid which I love in skin care; always great to keep the breakouts at bay.

It contains: Zinc, which works by eliminating impurities and purifying the skin. Pumice, a natural exfoliant to unclog pores and remove dead skin; but I would not recommend using this as your facial exfoliant before shaving, I found it dried out my skin which is not good just before I tackle it with a sharp blade. White Clay, smooths the skin surface and absorbs excess oil left behind.

The consistency is much looser than the Kiehl’s mask therefore a little bit more of a challenge to apply without wastage. The scent is slightly chemically, but for £2.53 you can’t really go wrong. I like to use this when I’m having a breakout or when my skin needs a quick refresh rather than wasting one of my more expensive masks that I wouldn’t get the full benefit from during a breakout.



Tom Ford Intensive Purifying Mud Mask (100ml £45)

Time: 2- 5 mins, but I leave it on for 20mins for best benefits.

Once again this mask contains bentonite clay and Aloe Vera like the Kiehl’s mask. Although this mask is packed with Charcoal powder, which is a great for people who suffer from oily prone skin, it works as an absorber. In this case while the mask drys it creates a suction action on the pores drawing out all of the dirt and neutralising the excess oil. Because this mask holds calming and healing properties I like to keep it on longer than the 5mins it takes to dry to get the full effect: this mask doesn’t crack so its still comfortable when its dried. After the treatment my skin is left so smooth and soft and because of the aloe vera red spots on my skin are calm and at ease.

I like to use this mask mainly as a treat especially at the price of £45 I don’t want to use it every week, although it does have a thick consistency much like the Kiehl’s mask there is not much wastage at all. I would say that this mask is more of a smoothing treatment than anything else, my skin is literally as soft as a babies bottom after. I love the scent too (I wouldn’t expect less from Tom Ford), I don’t know how to describe it, it’s what I would expect a spa to smell like.



Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel with CHARCOAL (50ml £3.59)

Time: 5-6 mins because its more of a gel consistency it takes a little longer to dry I find.

Another great budget alternative for you here. I always like to have a look at the boots own brand skincare because it’s all super affordable and they create some really good dupes for high-end skincare. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the Tom Ford mask but it’s definitley on the right track and for £3.59 its a bargain. Boots do have a full charcoal range to go along with this if that’s something your interested in, but I wouldn’t recommend the whole range to be someones complete skincare routine unless they REALLY suffer from oily skin. To be honest I think that Boots are just playing up to the huge trend of all things charcoal at the moment, much like health fanatics and kale which is now readily available in skincare.

This mask doesn’t include any of the clays found in the other masks, which you can tell by the consistency, it’s very gel like. However it has a similar effect on the pores like the Tom Ford mask using the charcoal in a suction action to pull out impurities from the pores. It also contains tea tree which I am sure most people know is a great antibacterial so it’s always nice to have a little bit in your skincare and it smells real good. Because this mask doesn’t really have much to it other than the charcoal aspect and the I only tend to using it on my t-zone area as this is where I have the majority of my problem with excess oil and blackheads.

Whether you’re looking at buying a high-end or budget mask I would defiantly look at adding one into your skincare, they really are great for getting deep into your skin and cleaning out all of that yucky stuff and helping to keep you skin at a nice balance. If you have any questions just tweet me.

See ya later.





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