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Some background. So as some of you may or may not know I have dyed hair. My natural colouring is blonde that darkens in the winter and lightens in the summer like most blondes.

About a year and a half ago I decided to take the plunge and get my locks turned into a silvery white/platinum blonde/Draco Malfoy colour; it generally changes day-to-day, but lets just say it’s in the white blonde/silver spectrum.

Although I decided to get my hair dyed over a year ago, I did in fact have to deal with the embarrassment of being told I would have to wait a further six months to have it done, because the eager me thought it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling by using John Freeda lightning spray! While it did indeed make my hair brighter; extremely bright in fact (I didn’t hate it). It also damaged my hair, which would have been fine if I wasn’t get my hair dyed, in fact I can totally see why people use the lightning spray because it, in a sense is a great alternative. If you are wanting to get your hair coloured and you use the lightning spray, DO NOT dye it until the lightened hair grows out! The spray has some sort of magnesium thingy in it (my hairdresser told me the tech term but I don’t remember), when this makes contact with professional dyes it reacts with it and makes your hair SNAP! So with my hair being covered in this stuff I was told I would have to wait till it all grew out. Six months later and I could finally get my hair to the colour I had been waiting for so long. The funny thing is I was only using the lightening spray because I have always been so scared to use a shop bought hair dye myself, I am sure some people get good results but in no way would I trust myself to dye my own hair. It would most definitely turn out to be a disaster.

– Anyways rant over.

I wanted to share with you guys who may have coloured hair or are looking at colouring their hair my favourite products to help maintain vibrant colour and healthy hair. The top few product I am showing you are specifically for maintaining silver/white hair, but if you scroll down a bit further there is a bunch more products that relate to any coloured hair. Hope you enjoy!


silver shampoo and conditioner

BLEACH London Silver Shampoo and Conditioner. (250ml £5 each)

This stuff is great for anyone with white blonde/silver hair. It works in the same sort of way when you have a purple wash at the hairdressers. It helps eliminate any brassy yellow tones and gives you a slight silver tinge. TIP: don’t leave this on for any longer than a few mins because it can turn your hair purple, don’t worry if that happens it will disappear after one or two washes.


white toner

BLEACH London White Toner (set £7)

Now I know I said I wouldn’t trust myself with a box dye, but this is a semi-permanet dye, meaning if it really went wrong I could just wash it out. Eventually. I like to use this when its been about 6-7 week since my last dye and my hair just needs that extra boost of colour (because who can afford to get their hair dyed every 6 weeks!).

These are a few more of the best products for all kinds of dyed hair, budget and high end.


BLEACH London Reincarnation Mask. (200ml £6)

This stuff is AMAZING! and it smell great too. It’s a protein mask to help unhappy hair. The micro wheat protein help to restore strength and elasticity, while sunflower seed extract helps to improve moisture and shine. This all allowing for a longer lasting colour. All you need to do is smother it all in your damp hair and leave it for 10-20mins then rinse out. Your hair will be SUPER DUPER soft! Even without dyed hair I would use this.


Kerastase Bain Force Architecte Collection

Shampoo (250ml £17.50)

Conditioner (200ml £20.50)

Heat protection cream (150ml £20.50)

This collection is great, but expensive. I was recommended to use this by my hairdresser because apparently it works best on coloured hair by nourishing and strengthening.

The technical stuff “Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte contains Complexe Ciment-Cylane, which is a combination of intra-Cylane, Ceramide R and Pro-Keratin”.

Added bonus it has a really nice scent, especially the heat protection cream which I would defiantly say is my fave out of all three.

Even though this collection is pretty pricey it last a long time, I only to use a 20p size of each product.



Aussie Collection

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo (500ml £5.99)

Aussie Colour Mate Conditioner (400ml £5.99)

Aussie Take the heat protection (250ml £4.69)

Aussie 3 Min Miracle (250ml £4.99)

This is a great budget alternative to the Kerastase collection. The shampoo and conditioner works by using Wild Peach Kernel oils to condition the hair to help maintain the hairs natural strength plus keeping the vibrate colouring. Personally I am not overly fond of the scent, as you can probably presume it smells of peaches, which I am just not a fan of. If you like peaches though you will love it.

Take the heat, is an easy to use heat protection that protects from any kind of styling tool. It contains jojoba seed oils that helps to smooth dry ends and keep the hairs natural shine. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the Kerastase protection cream but at a budget price you get a lot for your money.

The 3 Min Miracle mask is brilliant. it contains mint balms that once agin helps to smooth and nourish damaged hair keeping colour more vibrant and long-lasting. But I love it mainly for the scent and because it’s so quick!

E oil

OGX Vitamin E oil (100ml £7.35)

After colouring sometimes my scalp can be slightly blistered because of the bleach. That might sound gross, but really its just kinda like a bit of dry skin due to me having sensitive skin. To help this I add a little bit of this Vitamin E oil into my scalp at night before I go to sleep. The nourishing vitamin E helps to moisturise my scalp and renew the skin, it does make my hair greasy so I only use it at night before bed then just wash it out in the morning.


Well I hope you had a jolly good time, thanks for stopping bye,



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