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Versace Eros

Terre D'Hermés Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

New kinda post for you here guys, I’ve long be collecting colognes and fragrances; in fact it was almost becoming and addiction. I’ve now amassed a rather large collection (more than I would care to admit).

This is a first in a series of cologne blog posts. This is a collection of the five fragrances I seem to gravitate towards in the seasons of spring and summer, for their light fresh and clean notes (I guess everyone likes to feel ‘light’ in spring and summer, I just need to loose that 20 pounds, then I will feel light)

(Just a little side note it’s pretty hard to write and describe a fragrances; or maybe I’m just not the best at it, so I have linked all the fragrances to Fragrantiac if you want a more in-depth rundown of the notes.)

Versace Eros (100ml £64)

First off how cool is the packaging? I love this greek style print and of course the classic Versace medusa face all engraved on this turquoise bottle with gold detailing. This is the cheapest scent in this series, but it is in no way lacking in quality. It such an easy scent to wear. Light and fresh with minty and lemon notes, also carrying woody undertones making it an easy transition to-night. With a long-lasting longevity this is an economical buy, a little bit goes a long way. – Check out Fragrantica for a more in-depth look into the notes.

Terre d’Hermés (155ml £88)

A citrus delight with top notes of orange and grapefruit. Citrus is always my go to in spring and summer. I’m not to sure why, but a zing of citrus always gives me boost of happiness. I wouldn’t say the packaging is anything to rave about but it nice and simplistic with the classic ‘H’ shape. I bought the refill size, simply because it was way much more for my money and of course the added convenience of carrying it around in my bag. Its lightweight but has a good longevity of around 6 hours, so for £88 I would say its a slightly cheaper alternative to an expensive luxury colognes. – Check out Fragrantica for a more in-depth look into the notes.


Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin (100ml £85)

Another powerful citrus cologne, probably my favourite cologne out of my whole collection. A powerful citrus blend of lime, mandarin and bergamot; I know surprise! Zesty and fresh, this is a super easy scent to wear; I keep a bottle out all the time all year round. I’ve always been a fan of Jo Malone, down to the founder and the shopping experience to the classic packaging and high quality glass bottles. All the Jo Malone colognes are categorised as unisex and I would say this is one of their more ‘masculine’ scents being dusky and warm. It’s easily transitional for any occasion. It has a long-lasting longevity and a moderate scent throw. – Check out Fragrantica for a more in-depth look into the notes.


Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi (50ml £145)

This is a complex herby scent with a lemon freshness, I mean who doesn’t want to smell of herbs! With notes of tarragon, sage, basil, grapefruit and of course lemon. Its sweet and clean scent reminds me of crisp day by the sea (and in the north-east everyday by the sea is defiantly CRISP). As with all Tom Ford Beauty products the packaging is luxurious and stylish; I love the turquoise. I know at a price of £145 for just 50ml this is VERY expensive, but I will say the price defiantly shows in the quality of the perfume. It has an amazing longevity and scent throw due to its high percentage of pure perfume oil; meaning just one spray on a pulse point goes a long way. – Check out Fragrantica for a more in-depth look into the notes.


Tom Ford Neroli Portofino (50ml £145)

Another one from Tom Ford’s private blend and my last in this collective but in no way the least. This is a unique scent with once again more citrusy top notes of mandarin, bergamot, lemon and bitter orange. But along with the lavender and rosemary it makes a more distinctive stand out scent from the rest of the private blend collection. If I was to describe the scent I would personally call it ‘soapy’ which I know may not sound appealing but all I can say is its gooood, I like to think it’s what Italy smelt like in the 80’s. Just as with all Tom Ford scents it has a long-lasting longevity and moderate scent throw and once again we have the luxury packaging and the amazingly coloured glass bottle with gold detailing. – Check out Fragrantica for a more in-depth look into the notes.


That is my top five scents for spring and summer. As you can probably tell citrus and fresh notes are what appeal to me the most. I find them so easy to wear for any occasions, I’m not so much floral kinda guy but anything with any sort of resemblance to lemon or orange zest then I’m all for it. Some of these colognes/perfumes are slightly expensive but personally I don’t mind paying that bit extra for a fragrance with a high perfume oil percentage, because I know its high quality and will last so much longer than many of the lower priced colognes on the high street that still charge premium prices, but have a much smaller percentage of perfume oil that has been diluted down. That being said I do love a good high street bargain, especially in the sales. So I hope you enjoyed my little ramble, any q’s just sent me a tweet or contact me.

P.S – here is two little tips for you guys: 1. Always spray you cologne/perfume on your pulse point, the warmth emits the scent. 2. Keeping you cologne/perfume in its box or out of sunlight will help it keep its fragrance for longer, if it’s in contact with the sun the fragrance will gradually evaporate and loose its strength.





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