Hey there! Jack here.

Thanks for checking out my blog No.34. How exciting! If you already know me from my instagram then nice to see you again and if your new nice to meet you, I’m Jack and I love Angela Lansbury and “Murder She Wrote”. This is basically just going to be an informal ‘hello’ much like my About page. So. My blog. Here you shall find an array of blogposts, fashion, grooming, lifestyle etc. etc. basically anything that tickles my fancy. I will be uploading at least one blogpost every Sunday at 9:00am (more if I’m organised. ha.). So yes, I do hope you enjoy No.34 much as I’ve enjoyed creating it and I am so excited to have a creative outlet where I can create new content every week! Thats it, thank you so much for stopping by, be sure to check my social links: I have social links, haha can you believe it? how snazzy, I’m snazzy.

Thanks much,



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