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Snake Effect Trainers – ASOS

Snake Effect Trainers – Topman

Tan Faux Suede Trainers – ASOS

Grey Python Dr. Martens (sold out) – Dr. Martens

White Faux Leather BackPack (similar) – ASOS

White Bomber – H&M

Grey Scuba Sweater – H&M

Tope Towel Effect Tee – ASOS

Dusk Pint 3/4 Sleeve Tee – ASOS

White 3/4 Sleeve Tee – ASOS

Grey Cap – H&M

Grey Ribbed Sweater (similar) – ASOS

So with it just being my birthday, where I turned the grand old age of 22 came celebrations with friends “cheers’ing” to the extra 365 days added to my life since Sandy birthed me, along with huge consumptions of white wine that became regrettable instantly, and also the rather pleasant side in which I found myself with an enormous chocolate cake and a small influx in funds. So of course I had to do an ASOS order; and then some. And with it now coming up to spring I decided I need to change things up a little and venture away from my usual black and white ensemble; I know cray but don’t worry only slightly. I’ve added some tope and dusky (fun word) pink into my wardrobe because these colours along with Khaki seem to be all the range at the moment sweeping through the realms of tumblr and such, plus I thought these tones would easily fit in alongside my already monochrome wardrobe. I also picked up some grey additions because you can never go wrong having a bit of grey in your life, it’s just so easy to wear and makes you look all cool and contemporary when in fact: if your like me, you’re not. I like to think one day maybe, I will have this cool aesthetically pleasing wardrobe that’s all so sharp and edgy, but most of the time I just end up walking into H&M and picking up all the basics because they are cheap and easy. I have however started to venture in a new territory for me by wearing ‘caps’, I don’t know what it is but I’ve never felt that caps or hats alike have ever suited me, and to be honest I still don’t know. But I like the way they look on me now, so that’s all that matters I guess. I have realised that on the days that I just can’t be bothered to blow dry my hair and add all the product I need to make it look remotely better than a rats back-end, caps are just so easy to reach for. Anyways enough rambling I thought I would show you what I purchased because who doesn’t love a good haul?

I think my fave thing I got is the Snake effect trainers from ASOS, they’re just so cool and comfortable!

All the links for what I bought are above. Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.



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