The Cool Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Firstly I hope you’re all keeping warm and safe away from the beast that is Storm Emma! The worst seems to have passed us here in the North East thank god. One of the downsides of living by the coast; you’re hit pretty hard by the weather.

Wet shoes and cold nips aside, it’s Mother’s Day next week! Sunday the 11th of March to be exact. So it’s time to put your snow boots on and start shopping, or like me shop from bed (obvs).

This year I have compiled a list of cool, quirky and eccentric items perfect for the Mother’s out their whose style doesn’t exactly conform with the norm. Those Mum’s who love a bit of neon and pop art; y’know the ones. I also made a conscious effort to pick items predominantly from independent retailers and brands, because I think it’s so important that we support the small creatives out there, they work so hard because it’s their passion.

Quinn Luxe

Prossibly one of my favourite items on this list is a special Mother’s Day edition candle which comes from Quinn Luxe. The reason I love it so much is not only because it smell insane and looks so cool, but because for each candle sold £10.00 goes toward the Eve Appeal charity, which is an amazing charity (check them out). The brand was set up in 2015 by the lovely Nuala Quinn who puts her all into the brand and has such a passion behind it.

Here’s what she said about the brand:

In 2015, I wanted to set up an online business selling quirky interior homeware.  My first search was candles, I would find candles where I loved the scent, but not necessarily the jar/container and vice versa. This was my lightbulb moment!

Firstly, the actual candle. I only wanted the highest quality ingredients to work with, I only wanted UK and Irish suppliers so I knew exactly where my ‘ingredients’ where coming from and that they were the best on the market. Did I mention I’m a perfectionist!
Creating the ultimate hot and cold scent throw, burn and candle took nearly a year.

The containers/jars were another matter. I didn’t want to mass produce anything. I wanted the ability to change things up, have limited edition designs and offer bespoke to clients. After months of researching and a lot of trial and error. I found software from the States and bought a laser cutting machine.

So; I design, cut and handweed the images for the jars. I then transfer them to the jar and heat them. Then the candle is poured into the jar!

This flexibility allows me to work on some very cool projects, and with some great clients.
In short, we handpour, handcraft and have great creative flexibility.  The jars arrive to us empty and blank, and we transform them.

Shop the candle: Here (use code EVE for free delivery)
Check out Quinn Luxe: Instagram

Dirty work Designs

Next we have a brand that’s all about the attitude. Creating unique and unquestionably sassy stationary and homeware is Tasha from Dirty Work Designs. A pack of these pencils is definitely a more unique offering this Mother’s Day, so if your mum’s the type of mum to not give a fuck! then look no further.

Here’s what’s Tasha said:

I started Dirty Work in 2016 after getting out of a personal funk and wanted to spread positive energy through my artwork on the internet.

‘Fuck it’ isn’t just a phrase: it’s a philosophy. I believe we should all give a few less fucks about the little things, learn to not listen to the negative self-talk in and start to dream fucking big.

As well as blog posts and content creation I sell items with my designs on so people can bring some sweary sassery into their home.

Dirty Work aims to inspire people to create, live and work like you don’t give a fuck!

You can purchase your pencils: Here 
Check out Dirty Work Designs: Instagram

Copper and Solder

A brand I found through the magic of Instagram is Copper and Solder; one of the things I love about Instagram is finding some independent creatives.

Copper and Solder is a brand founded by the sweet Katie. Offering beautiful home decor items produced with industrial materials such and concrete and copper, from ring holders to candle holders and so much more. What I love about this brand is the quality of the craftsmanship for such an affordable price!

What Katie said about the brand:

Copper & Solder create unique homewares for modern, casual living spaces with an industrial, minimal feel.

Shop Copper and Solder: Here

Check out Copper and Solder here: Instagram


You can’t go wrong with a bit of pottery, especially one that has a beautiful gold finishing. This lovely hand-made vase from Glosters is the perfect size for one or two stems of your Mum’s favourite flowers. Because of it’s light colouring it would fit in perfectly with any decor. The gold detailing is such a nice finish, giving it that extra bit of edge.

Here’s what Gloster say about their brand:

All of our items are handmade in our workshop here in Porthmadog, north Wales. We make a range of contemporary pieces for the house and kitchen in modern colour ways.

We’re a husband and wife team alongside our miniature dachshund Arthur!

You can purchase the item: Here
Check out Gloster here: Instagram

Abigail Ahern

Okay technically not from an independent. This glorious lamp can be purchased from the Debenhams collaboration with Abigail Ahern, I just could resist including this!

I know a lot of you guys are a huge fan of Abigail, like myself. This Puffin Lamp is from her new collation with Debenhams, it’s sort of a showstopper gift if you ask me!

Shop the lamp: Here
Check out Abigail here: Instagram


Another fragrance one for you here, Commodity is a lifestyle fragrance brand with passionate curators behind it. Although this brand has grown a lot since its establishment in 2014 it still remains a small business meaning they can make all decisions personally.

All their fragrances are beautifully blended to make wonderfully unique scents that are unisex.

About the brand:

In 2014, London-based entrepreneurs Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash Huzenlaub established Commodity as an international lifestyle brand that serves as a platform for artisans to co-inspire and create their best work. Today, Commodity’s unisex and cruelty-free fine fragrance, body and home collections are available in over 30 countries through prestige retailers and direct e-commerce.

Shop the Commodity: Here
Check out Commodity here: Instagram

Eleanor Bowmer

Washing dishes can be such a mundane task, perhaps not when you’re drying them with a piece of art! These gorgeous printed tea-towels come from the very talented Eleanor Bowmer who designs and crafts all the prints herself. With such a vast variety to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice!

About the brand:

Eleanor Bowmer is a Textile Designer & Illustrator based in the North West. Her passion lies with all things creative but above all, painting is her one true love!

Eleanor has worked as a textile designer for over 7 years, creating artwork for surface print which is sold to companies world-wide.

Shop Eleanor’s designs: Here
Check out Eleanor here: Instagram

Honeywell Bakes

Ever seen them amazingly designed biscuits on Instagram? Well it’s very likely they were from the very talented people over at Honeywell Bakes. For Mother’s Day they have a selection of delicious designs to suit all your Mother’s Day needs and when I say they taste delicious, I mean it’s very likely you’ll eat them before gifting them!

Here’s what the brands creator Rebecca says:

About 5 years ago I created Honeywell Bakes at the kitchen table over a cup of tea and, you guessed it, a biscuit.

We set out to create beautiful, design led biscuits that are delivered directly from our door to your doormat at the modern day ‘drop of a hat’– a click of a mouse.

We now sell handmade, iced biscuits to thousands of people across the country who want to treat their loved ones.

You can shop the biscuits: Here
Check out Honeywell here: Instagram

Gina and Stephen

Eclectic and unique art is all the rage at the moment. Like this very unique piece of the Queen superimposed with Kate Moss, I love how it’s so ‘out there’. Any interior loving Mum’s are sure to enjoy. This piece has been expertly created and sold by the husband and wife team, Gina and Stephen.

Here’s what Gina says about their work:

My husband Stephen creates the prints and designs but we work together to develop fun, quirky, think outside the box pieces of art that capture people’s attention.

Check out Gina and Stephen.



*The items in the post have been kindly given to me for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions are my own and honest.*

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