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British Home Stores or more commonly know as BHS, what do you remember about them? For me BHS was always the place my mum would drag me and my brothers when we were little. She’d look through the towel selection (I always remember BHS being well know for good towels as well as their lighting), I’d be running riot in and around the lingerie and kids clothing, eagerly anticipating our next stop to the Fenwick’s toy floor where we would each get £10 to spend on whatever we wanted! Oh the good old days, eh!?

I, like many of the British public was sad to hear of the closure of BHS, not because it was a store that I was going to miss in terms of actually shopping there. But more the fact, it was a place that was always there growing up, so it was sad to see it leave our high-street. But to be honest, I also wasn’t surprised to see it go, personally I don’t think I stepped into a BHS store since the early 2000. It felt outdated and no-longer fit in with what was needed for a high-street store to survive.


It was late 2016 when I heard BHS had resurrected as, again I wasn’t surprised. As consumers we’ve seen this happen so many times over the last few years, physical stores moving to online. It’s a known fact that web stores have a lot fewer overheads than physical stores. But without a thought I just presumed “it’ll just be them selling off their old stock” so I never really looked into it.

Queue mid-2017 I started to see people on social media brag about their new affordable home purchases (especially lighting) purchased from no other than BHS. I was shocked, marbles and golds as far as the eye could see. These were all things that I loved! I guess it’s that old saying “don’t judge a book…”.

Ever since then BHS has only grown stronger and stronger establishing themselves as an on-trend, design-led brand. Offering affordable homeware and more.

Below you’ll be able to have a peak at some of my favourite pieces of lighting from the SS18 release and more. These items are seriously amazing, I can’t believe how well the buying team have done. A round of applause for them all. I feel this launch is a real stamp on how much BHS has improved in such a short amount of time, the team behind the brand have really embraced the change and re-established the brand to what it is today.

The SS18 launch focused on three main collections:

  • British Made: showcasing some of the most talented independent creatives from the UK Lauren Aston and East End Prints being a couple! They even have an option on the website for independents to get in touch.
  • Quartz: A blend of cement, blush, gold and terrazzo…dreamy I know!
  • Miami: 50’s opulence, gold and teak finishings. A classy and trendy take on art deco.

I don’t think we’ll ever see BHS as a physical store again, but I don’t think that matters. Every year we see growth with online sales compared to brick and mortar stores. I believe if they keep this up, they’ll be back on top form again; just online!

Some of the items in this post won’t be available until next month (March) so just hang tight, they’re just a payday away!

Check out BHS on Instagram.

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All images in this post are supplied by BHS, I do not own the rights to these images.

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