Time for a Colourful Kitch-mas Christmas!

Winter is in full-swing, literally as I’m writing this post there is a snow and hail storm going on outside. All I can say is thank god for central heating controlled via an app from bed! The winter weather of course brings the darker evenings, which is why I’d like to apologies in advance about the terrible quality of the images in this post, but whats a guy to to with limited day light?

So it’s coming towards the end of what some may call a rather bleak year, who’d have thought it…2017 would be worse than 2016 in so many ways. But hey’ho no point dwelling, let’s look forward to the future like the fact in a mere 25 days it’s CHRISTMAS! (That is, if I planned ahead enough to get this post live on the 1st).

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then I’m sure it comes as NO surprise to you that I’m a HUGE Christmas fan; can’t get enough of the stuff. Love it. My plethora of Christmas emojis should tell you that.

Pink Paper Baubles (Rockett St George)
Sassy Flamingo (Amara Living)

Of course every year I have the same old routine of traipsing the numerous boxes of decorations down from the loft; not knowing what’s, what because yet again I decided not to correctly label or separate them for a more efficient process. Sifting through it all to find what I see fit to ‘dec the halls’ as it were. Not going to lie, I love this process it’s become somewhat of a tradition of its own. I’m also super sentimental about all things Christmas so the thought of binning anything I just don’t use anymore…well let’s just say; it’s not a thought.

Pink Marshmallow (Amara Living)
Rainbow Confetti (Next Home)

The big statement for Christmas decorating has to come down to the tree, or multiple trees. It’s just the classic form of decorating, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree! Where would all the presents go?…on the topic of presents I am fairly impressed with myself this year, I’ve actually managed to get 90% of my christmas shopping done before December. Not bad for someone who lives their life as a pure procrastination.

Growing-up my mum would always let me and my brothers ‘help’ decorate the tree with us all fighting over who put the Angel on the top (named Rebecca I’ll have you know), I actually don’t remember how we’d settle such and argument…I’d probably win. These days it’s a more strict regiment of style, after all we are living in the Instagram-age where everything and their mothers cat needs to be shared on social media.

A big part of Christmas revolves around traditions (that bauble I made back in first school, that could be mistaken for something out of the bin is of course making an appearance) but it’s always good to freshen up with a NEW theme when it comes to decorating…Oh I do love a theme. Whether it be: colour, animal or a novelty aspect! You can generally get a feel of the retailers predicted theme by popping into your local department store, a past-time I love. Something that’s definitely BIG this year is cactuses, flamingos and Lamas…everyone loves a Lama!

Glass Rainbow (Rockett St George)
Love Letter Box (Debenhams)
Pink Donut (Amara Living)

Decorating the tree can be quite a personal task. You’re creating a statement of what you envision your Christmas to be. Well, this year I decided I wanted to do something a little bit more ‘fun’ and ‘colourful’. Hello “Colourful Kitch-mas Christmas”…I’m not sure what statement people may think I’m making, but its a sassy one that’s for sure. A white tinsel tree adorned with colourful rainbows, pink hues, flamingos maybe even a donut! Stylishly representing my fun & unique take on Christmas this year. All who have the pleasure or walking into my hallway will be met with this glorious spectacle. It’s important not to take things to seriously guys!

Blue Pineapple (Amara Living)
Hot Pink Bauble (Violet and Thistle)
Retro Pink (Violet and Thistle)

Some may call it garish and hideous, yes. And that’s okay because I absolutely LOVE it. Tell me you can’t look at this tree and NOT smile. Much like my interior style, I like to be different and ‘out-there’ almost repulsive to the norm, I mean who wants to be normal?..snooze.

Well that’s tree No.1 done, what shall I do for No.2 hmm…

Merry December,

Paper Star (Debenhams)

The items in this post have very kindly been given to me by the brands featured. However all views and opinions are 100% honest and my own!

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