L’Occitane treats.

We are soon to be bombarded with enough ‘Christmas Gift Guides‘ to last us a life time…perhaps even a couple from myself. To me,  it’s great! I love to see what people are buying, year after year and the new brands that crop-up for the season. But sometimes we just gotta treat ourselves to a bit of luxe in our lives, I mean we all work so god damn hard over the Christmas period it’s only justifiable, right? So where better to find some luxury treats…

Shea Butter Hand Cream – 150ml Approx. £20.00 (click here):

Shea butter hand cream is one of L’Occitane’s best sellers. Which comes as no surprise to me, it has long been a favourite of mine. As far as hand creams go, this one is the bomb-diggity. It’s the type of hand cream I try NOT to share, it’s so good.

This little number lives on my bed side table, all year round. I seriously can’t explain how much I love this hand cream.

Packed with 20% skin loving shea butter, almond & coconut oil, plus honey it nourishes and hydrates even the driest of hands, leaving them not only smelling delicious but as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Oh and there’s none of that sticky residue left behind.

I’m also thrilled by the fact L’Occitane seem to have altered their packaging from having a printed label on the tube, to rather printing directly onto the metal packaging itself. This makes for a much more smooth use when dispensing the product.

Citrus Verbena Shower Gel – 250ml Approx. £16.00 (click here):

Firstly Can we just appreciate the simplistic yet artful packaging…L’Occitane know how to make great packaging.

Secondly when it comes to fragrance, I’m a BIG citrus lover. Orange and lemon, yes please. It won’t come as any surprise that this strong Verbena fragrance is bloody marvellous in my eyes (or should that be nose).

As far as shower gels go; formulation wise. This one is very pleasing indeed. It creates a very generous lather with little product needed and it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. But for me this big selling point has to be the scent. It’s just dreamy.

The perfect stocking filler for the gents.

Precious Cleansing Foam – 150ml Approx. £22.00 (click here):

Saying or hearing the word foam in the same breath as cleanser would normally make me think “nope!”. Foaming cleansers are often associated with skin stripping ingredients, getting rid of all the natural goodness and leaving behind sore, dry skin. Of course foaming will occur in most cleansing routines if not using a balm, milk or jelly. But when there’s the added emphasis on ‘foam’ I think ouch.

Fear not, the word ‘foam’ is simply in reference to its pump applicator that produces an already foam like lather.

This highly conditioning cleanser developed with immortelle water gentles cleans the skin of daily impurities so skin is left feeling clean and supple, perfect in winter when skin feels so dry and taught.

Precious Eye Balm 15ml Approx. £36.00 (click here):

Do any eye creams actually work? There’s so much speculation on this subject. Who knew eye cream was such a hot topic!?

In my personal opinion I have eye creams and gels that I absolutely love! Do I know that they’ll help in the long run?…no. However I know that they help me at that time when I need them, so for me…yes eye creams do work at being a part of my essential skin routine!

Precious Eye balm has such a thick rich formulation that sits nicely under the eye; acting almost like an eye mask during the night.

It’s coming up to the big season of Christmas which means we’re all working extra hard, so a little under-eye pick-me-up is perfect for this time of year.

Mum’s and Dad’s will love this little but large gift!

Maybe you’ll treat yourself with some L’Occitane treats before the big ‘C’ day…we all deserve a treat!

Shop L’Occitane here: CLICK

Toodle pip,


This is a paid for collaboration with L'Occitane, however all views and opinions are 100% my own and honest.

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