One Brand Warrior, Feat. Clarins.

I’m sitting here listening to “C’est La Vie” – by Bewitched…Oh we’ve just got to the good flute part in, maybe I can’t multi-task? okay, concentrate.

It’s always great to venture out of your skincare ‘realms’ – if you will. In fact I’d usually suggest it to find the best possible tailored fit to your skin.

However, we can often find ourself being loyal to one brand! I certainly know I have. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. For some people sticking to one brand of Skincare totally works for them.
I was thinking about it the other day and decided I wanted to share my favourite Skincare collections solely from individual brands.
One core skincare brand I’ve been suing for years is Clarins; I’m highly certain we’ve all heard of this renowned French brand…if not, use google because I cba.
Side Note: My skin has been acting like some hormonal teen these past couple of month…so, annoying. I often feel like I’ve never left the teen skin phase, like when do I STOP getting break-outs ugh. Teen tantrum over!
Clarins is most know for is ‘plant powered’ ingredients. Which I find means their products are more on the gentle side, which is in no-means a bad thing.
Generally when brands develop a ‘MENS’ range I find then to be rather lacklustre, developed with more generic formulations and placed in ‘manly packaging’, that’s why I often use items from the ‘women’ section, I’m okay with pink packaging. However it has to be noted some brands just get it right! Actually investing the time and money into researching male skin and developing the best formulations to fit said skin needs.

C L E A N S E 

125ml – £19.50 Clarins Men Active Facial Cleanser

The Clarins Men Active Facial Cleanser is the perfect all round basic cleanser to clean and purify.
This gel based cleanser creates a  gentle foam when met with water, tackling oil, dirt, and excess sebum. Formulated with the  purifying power of Grindelia and Gaultheria extracts, skin should be left feeling soft and clean. Brill for all skin types and ages.
With it being such a gentle formulation it’s totally fine to use both AM & PM.
If you’re looking for a cleanser for a more specific skin concern e.g. break-outs, you may want to look at a more direct, stronger formulation (Kiehl’s Herbal Gel Cleanser is perf for break-out skin).
*Guys make sure when you’re cleansing, really give your skin a deep massage and go right into the hairline. I read a report the other day that a huge percentage of gents get break-outs from not cleansing their skin properly!*


200ml – £20.00 Iris Toner

If you don’t use a toner then you’re just insane and we can’t be friends. Toners; for me are the best thing about skin care routines. The feeling of getting all that left over crap off your face, making it feel like a fresh new layer of skin (I LOVE a good acid toner too, that sting is so good!).
Clarins have an array of toners for all types of skin types, with my skin being ‘Oily Combination’ the Iris Toner is best suited for my skin type. This alcohol-free facial toner works to stimulate and refresh the skin, without affecting the pH and moisture levels (yes please!). Iris and Sage extracts help to tighten pores, whilst removing any leftover residue from the day. Simply apply a few drops to a cotton pad then sweep all over face and neck (even behind the ears, why not?).
With this being a very gentle toner it’s suitable for AM & PM use everyday, however if you’re like me and you do love a good ‘stingy’ toner then maybe something more like the Pixi Glow Tonic is more for you.

S E R U M 

Double Serum 30ml – £57.00

The Double Serum is something my mum has been using for years! And I think a lot of men probably think it’s just for ‘women’ well in-fact: no. It’s brilliant for both men and women.
Enriched with 20 plant extracts that boost the skin’s natural functions helping with anti-ageing, fatigue, hydration, skin tone, complexion and overall texture of the skin. The double pump dispenser is formulated with a key ingredient essential to everyone’s skin care routine ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ this ingredient is going to give you that ultimate hydration, all our skin needs!
For those gents out there with facial hair, this also doubles up for a great beard smoother, just apply two drops to the palms of your hands, evenly distribute all over face AND facial hair!

The double serum is non-comedogenic, which WE LOVE!

*the double serum has recently been reinvented to be even more beneficial to the skin, I can’t wait to try it myself!*


30ml – £33.00 Lotus Facial Treatment

Firstly let me just say I’m OBSESSED with facial oils, treatments whatever you want to call them. If you don’t use and oil or you think they wouldn’t work for your skin because your oily, please; you need to try them! Seriously take yourself down to your local department store and grab some samples from all the beauty counters…there is an oil out there for you.

Maybe the Lotus Facial Treatment would be the perfect one for you? I love the Clarins treatment oils, they’re so comforting and kind to the skin. Packed with plant power of course, the lotus treatment is brill from those with combination to more oily skin (hi).

Developed with Rosemary, Geranium and Lotus extracts, this treatment has a lovely herbal aroma. These ingredients will help purify the skin, smooth skins texture and tighten pores. Whilst help to maintain the skins natural water barrier, balancing out moisturiser for oily skin.
Technically this treatment is best used PM, but personally I like to us it AM as well for that natural glow throughout the day! Apply 2-3 drops to palms, warm up vigorously then lightly swipe all over face and neck.



50ml – £30.00 Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

Arguable one of the most important steps within a skin care routine and one that SO many men don’t even bother with. Moisturiser, c’mon chaps lets hydrate out skin.
Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm is the in-between of a cream and gel, creating this really nice cooling lightweight formulation (we all know I love that word). I would call this one of the more basic moisturiser out in the market, but it’s perfect for the beginner, or for the guys out there with no real skin concerns. It will hydrate, smooth and firm the skin, whilst helping to protect against the daily elements.
I will note; this balm is highly fragranced so if you have sensitive skin you may want to go for something more like the Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion that is fragrance free.


20ml – £30.00 Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum

Puffy-eyes be gone! We all go through it, especially working early mornings.
Eye-care is often neglected in the skin care routines of the more younger folks, however there is still so much we can do to help out the skin around our eyes. After-all it is the most delicate, so lets give it some loving, ay?
Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum is a lightweight gel texture that’s going to give you that perfect cool and energising effect we all need in the mornings. Whilst also helping to plump and refine and line, if any.
Simply swipe half a pea-sized amount under the eye and over the orbital bone, leave it to sink into the skin, easy!
I have serious love for this eye serum, I use it every morning. For those mornings I’m feeling extremely tired (most) I also like to go under the eye with a swipe, or two from with my Clinique Eye-roll (perfection).

There you have it, my selection for all our gentlemanly skincare needs from one sole brand. I guess it is possible, but necessary? I’m not sure. I guess if it works for you then why not!?

Which brand should I try out next, perhaps one of my all time favourites…hmm.




*The items in this editorial have kindly been gifted to me by the brand. All view and opinions are 100% my own and honest.*

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