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So if you didn’t know facial oils are basically AMAZING for our skin. Depending on the oil they carry an array of benefits, anti-ageing, skin plumping, hydrating, stress relief, scar fading, spot control etc. the list is never ending. Unfortunately us modern day folk don’t always take the best care of our skin, quite often because we’re always in a rush; who knows why?

You may well be surprised to find that applying an oil literally only takes seconds and you will almost immediately reap the benefits. Downside; okay so some oils can be very expensive, however they are most definitely an investment piece of skincare, only a few drops are needed per application, so one bottle should last a looong time!

When should I be using an oil?

Oils should be used both morning and night on freshly cleansed and toned skin, add a few drops in the palms of your hands then gently dabb all over your face. Using an oil in the morning will not only give you an awakened and refreshed complexion but it will also work as a barrier on your skin for the day ahead. At night your skin is at its most optimum to really absorb all the benefits from the oil that will help replenish and repair the skin. – plus it’s just super relaxing.

Will you be shocked when I tell you that the two oils I swear by are from my favourite skincare brand?…Kiehl’s! Well of course they are. Whats even better is these two oils can now be bought at the same time for 20% off! But its only for a limited time so hurry.

Daily Reviving Concentrate (50ml £49)*

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Oils can seem a little bit scary, especially if your someone who suffers from spots; don’t worry I know the feeling. “How can an oil help oily skin?” Yep I’ve been there too. Well this could be the perfect oil for you to start of with, its 100% natural origin – so no complaints there, mineral oil free – smashing stuff, non-comedogenic – it isn’t going to clog up your pores giving you them nasty blackheads, non-acnegenic oil – safe for blemish/acne prone complexions. It’s basically the perfect oil for any skin type. If you really are dubious about using an oil though I would definitely recommend popping into your local boutique and asking for a sample, Kiehl’s are more than happy to give you as many samples as you need, they will never sell you something unless you need it!

Daily Reviving Concentrate is encased in a lovely luxury glass bottle, imprinted with all the information you need. Super easy to use pipet applicator for precise application measurements. Inside, the divine liquid, smelling deliciously fresh and lemony thanks to the blend of citrus oils. The oil is bursting with a various blend of sublime oils (too many to list); Ginger Root – almost works as a defensive barrier against pollution with antioxidant protection. Sunflower Oil – helps to strengthen the skins natural barrier improving skin smoothness, texture and hydration! Tamanu Oil – helps to reduce the appearance of daily damage as well as replenish and soothe skin. Using it on a daily basis will help with absorption of your moisturiser, so if your someone who needs to apply more than once during the day then you may find your using a lot less moisturiser.

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Super simple to apply: after you’ve cleansed and toned (and serum, if you use one) in the morning just apply 2-3 drops into the palms of your hand and gently apply to the skin in circular massage motions, whilst taking a deep breath in of the amazing scent. You wont have to wait before proceeding on to your moisturiser because it’s so lightweight it almost immediately absorbs into the skin. – Be sure to always use an SPF.

As well as helping to protect my skin, I feel like this oil works great at helping awaken my skin and get rid of that dull tired looking effect, which I often have due to me NEVER being able to sleep. Its like putting sunshine on my face (apart from the immense burning that would actually cause).

Okay so the verdict is, I love it. I have for sure seen an amazing improvement in my skin. My skin has a much better complexion, even skin tone and feel to it. Basically its been “Revived”. It really works fast. I would recommend Daily Reviving Concentrate for any age or skin type because its benefits are so vast it can work for anyones needs. Now it only makes sense for my perfect nighttime oil to be its sister oil…

Midnight Recovery Concentrate (50ml £49)

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Midnight Recovery is seen as a skincare cult classic, there is numerous positive reviews on the web too which I am adding. I have been using this concentrate a lot longer than Daily Reviving and I 100% swear by it. I put down my huge improvement in my skin in the last year to this one product. I can’t rave about it enough.

Once again it comes in a beautiful glass bottle with easy to use applicator, instead its a mesmerising deep purple colour. The oil itself has the most amazing relaxing fragrance, it’s so calming I believe it helps me nod off, which is brilliant for me because I already have such a huge difficulty sleeping.

This being the first oil I ever used I was very dubious about it making my complexion oilier than it already was, therefore producing more spots. I was reassured by a Kiehl’s representative that it would in fact help with my oil control. I was given a sample and on my way I went. I was back in two days to purchase a big bottle, that’s how fast I knew how brilliant it was. Because it deeply nourishes my skin therefore hydrating and improving how my skin holds on to moisture, my skin doesn’t produce as much oil to compensate, its been a real lifesaver. I no longer walk around like a shiny egg (don’t get me wrong I do still get oily skin throughout the day, but nowhere near as bad). 

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Midnight recovery contains: Evening Primrose Oil – creating a skin barrier that repairs and boosts your skins natural radiance, making you wake up like sleeping beauty, well almost. Lavender Essential Oil – Great if you suffer from irritated or acne prone skin, it helps by soothing while also giving you a more even complexion, it too creates a brighter and more radiant look to your skin. Squalane – which is a signature ingredient from Kiehl’s, it’s very technical so this is what they say “is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it’s easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple”.

How to apply? Very simple just like the morning oil, after you have cleansed and toned, apply 2-3 drops in the palms or your hands then lightly dab all around your face and neck whilst taking in a deep breath of the calming scent, then follow with your moisturiser. Now go catch some “zzZZ”.

My verdict is probably pretty obvious, but yes I love this, I am in love it, we are married. It’s suitable for all skin types, all ages and it truly has worked wonders for me.

Don’t forget if you are wanting to get these oils (which you totally should) then if you buy both at the same time you can get 20% off, but its a limited time offer so you need to swipe them us quick!





*Items with a (*) have kindly been gifted by the company, this in no way effects what I say or think about a product. All views are my own and not of the company. I would never lie about a product.


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